Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

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When Microsoft first announced the Wedge Touch mouse for Windows 8, plenty of people wondered whether the blunt, flipper-shaped device was actually practical. Its accompanying keyboard, meanwhile, looked unusually small, with a magnetized rubber cover that folded into a tablet stand. Depending on who you asked, it was bold, gimmicky, or both. Windows 8 is still months away, but I got a chance to try out the new $69.99 mouse and $79.99 keyboard. While they’ll work almost anywhere, the...

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Basic Specs

OS compatibility Windows
Wireless connection Bluetooth

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Tech Specs


Color Black / Silver
OS compatibility Windows


Wireless Yes
Wireless connection Bluetooth
Media keys Yes


Name AAA
Removable Yes

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  • 8.0
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    Reviewed by Rabbagello (Currently owns)

    Just bought the keyboard a couple days ago and using it as a extra keyboard for my laptop when using a second monitor (I don't wanna look at the extra monitor while typing on my laptop also I can easily put it aside to work on other things).

    I've to say that this keyboard looks great. The metal shell adds to this. From the back it looks like it's one solid bar of metal but when you see it from the front you see only the keys (with a thin metal bezel around it).

    I had to ajust the position of my fingers for this keyboard a little since it isn't a full fledged desktop keyboard; it's a mobile keyboard, keep that in mind.

    At my hometown (The Hague, Netherlands) this keyboard was actually sold out at the shops where they were selling it. One of the guys selling this keyboard was actually quite surprised that they sold out since it's quite an expensive keyboard, €79,- (a bit more that $100,-).

    Nice things are: design, cover, no software!! (w7 connected like a charm), battery slider, the keys (I like that the keys don't float 1cm above the base like older keyboards do)

    The only negative things I can find in this product is that people with bigger hands will have to ajust to the size of the keyboard since there's almost no space between the keys at all. The other thing is the price for which I bought this keyboard but maybe that's just my country. Most of the function keys are on the keyboard but I do miss "previous" and "next" audio-function keys here. There's no BT-dongle in the box so if your laptop doesn't have BT you need to buy a dongle yourself. (Mine does have BT =) )

    *Since I only used it for a couple days I can't say anything about the battery life.

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    • Design 9
    • Features 7
    • Performance 8
    • Software 10
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