Sony Xperia Tablet Z

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Growing up, I read constantly. I read at the breakfast table, on the bus, in class (though usually not the book I was supposed to be reading), at lunch, at home, and in bed. My parents mostly supported my bibliophilia, save one weird habit: I used to read in the shower. I would stand in there, water running down my back, holding my book out and reading. I'd do this for hours, given the chance — eventually, my mom learned to bang on the bathroom door 10 minutes after I'd started "showering"...

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Basic Specs

Thickness 0.27 inches
Weight 1.09 pounds
Screen size (diagonal) 10.1 inches
Operating system Android
Launch OS version 4.1
CPU brand Qualcomm
CPU family Snapdragon S4 Pro

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Tech Specs


Thickness 0.27 inches
Weight 1.09 pounds
Color Black, White


Screen size (diagonal) 10.1 inches
Technology LCD
Resolution (X) 1920 px
Resolution (Y) 1200 px
Touchscreen type Capacitive
Multitouch Yes


Operating system Android
Skin Sony
Launch OS version 4.1


CPU brand Qualcomm
CPU family Snapdragon S4 Pro
Clock speed 1.5 GHz
Cores 4


Internal size 32 GB, 16 GB


Wi-Fi Yes

Rear Camera

Effective pixels 8.1 megapixels

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No recent discussions about Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by zomgbbqftw (Currently owns)

    Got the Xperia Tablet Z yesterday in the airport, used it on my long flight to Tokyo and while I've been here. It is a great, great tablet. The design is amazing and I really love how thin it is. I didn't have any issues with the screen as pointed out by the review, The Verge must have got a bad unit because my tablet produces whites just fine.

    I really hope that app makers start to jump on board the Android tablet train because the one let down so far is that there aren't too many native tablet apps, and while Android does an admirable job of scaling regular apps for tablets, it isn't really the same. I really hope products like this and whatever replaces the Nexus 7 will push more developers onto the Android bandwagon for tablets.

    Other than that one issue I don't have any issues with this tablet, the battery life could be better, I would trade 2mm of thickness for battery size, but I suppose it wouldn't have the same mass market impact. The salesman at Dixons in Heathrow said it is the best selling non-iPad tablet right now so Sony have probably made the right decision there.

    All in all, great effort, just get it in stock, tablet seems to be sold out in a lot of places!

    The Breakdown

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    • Design 9
    • Display 9
    • Camera(s) 7
    • Speakers 9
    • Performance 9
    • Software 9
    • Battery life 8
    • Ecosystem 7
    • Dock 8
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