Dell XPS One 20

Basic Specs

Operating system Windows Vista
CPU brand Intel
Graphics type Optional
Integrated GPU model GMA 3100
Base RAM size 1 GB
Base storage capacity 500 GB
Optical drive type Slot-loading
Wi-Fi Yes

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Tech Specs


Width 23.5 inches
Height 15.9 inches
Depth 7.3 inches
Weight 28.2 pounds
Color Black


Operating system Windows Vista

Display (base)

Technology LCD
Resolution (X) 1680 px
Resolution (Y) 1050 px

Display (max)

Technology LCD

Processor (base)

CPU brand Intel
CPU family Conroe
Base CPU model Core 2 Duo E4500
Cores 2
Clockspeed 2.2 GHz

GPU (base)

Graphics type Optional
Integrated GPU brand Intel
Integrated GPU model GMA 3100

GPU (max)

Discrete GPU brand ATI
Discrete GPU model Radeon HD 2400M
Dedicated VRAM 256 MB


Base RAM size 1 GB
Max. config RAM 2 GB
RAM type DDR2
Base RAM speed 667 MHz
Slots 2


Options HDD (7200RPM)
Base storage type HDD (7200RPM)
Base storage capacity 500 GB
Card reader Yes
Memory card support Other, SD, Memory Stick, xD, MMC

Optical Drive

Optical drive type Slot-loading
Media supported DVD+-R/RW, Blu-ray burner


Speakers 2


FireWire 400 2
Ethernet 1
Ethernet type 10/100/1000 (Gigabit)
TV Tuner Optional
3.5mm headphone 1
3.5mm line-in / microphone 1
Digital optical audio 1


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi support 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version 2.0


PSU wattage 200 W

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No recent discussions about Dell XPS One 20.

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by RaijinWolf (Currently owns)

    People have had some issues with this device, but if you look at the reviews less than 15% of owners have had these problems (and this is the case with just about every electronic device ever made; Sometimes there's duds). I've had mine since it was released shortly after November 2007 (I think I had purchased it around Christmas) and it's been nothing but a reliable, stable machine. I had upgraded the CPU from the stock Core2 E6550 (2.33GHz) to a Core2 E6850 (3.00GHz) and the 2GB of DDR2-6400 to 4GB, followed by an installation of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. The original 320GB Western-Digital Caviar Blue 7200RPM hard drive is still the drive that's in it now & running like a champ. It DOES get quite hot, however, though this hasn't caused any issues for me, thus far. And again, I've now owned it for almost 7 years. It's been a great machine, with a wonderful screen, and after just a couple minor upgrades, to this day, runs EVERYTHING I use it for. Now I do game a little, though I'm not one that needs everything cranked up to max. Minimum is fine for me so long as the game runs smoothly. However, the HD 2400 has finally hit its wits end. The latest games, even at the lowest settings, kill it, easily. So as far as that's concerned, it's time to upgrade. But for everything else, general internet usage, downloads, even my minor audio & video editing work just fine on this lil' beast. I love it, and will keep using it till' it finally dies. It was worth every penny, and if you can still find one for a good enough price vs. specs, it's a great machine for your kids or just for general home use. Cheers! :)

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    • Design 8
    • Display 10
    • Software 7
    • Speakers 8
    • Accessories 8
    • Performance 9
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