The Verge - Amazon Fire 2 and new Kindle e-reader rumors heat up ahead of today's event 2012-09-05T23:17:40-04:00 2012-09-05T23:17:40-04:00 2012-09-05T23:17:40-04:00 Amazon shows new Kindle Fire and backlit 'Paperwhite' Kindle readers in TV ad <img alt="" src="" /> <p>We're expecting <a href="">quite a few things</a> out of tomorrow's Amazon event, and the company just helped heighten expectations a little bit more with a new commercial. The brief spot aired during tonight's Giants and Cowboys game, and it clearly features a backlit E Ink Kindle reader &mdash; matching the "<a href="">Paperwhite</a>" leaks we've seen &mdash; and ends on a shot of a woman watching video on what appears to be a large-screen tablet. That would match up with the <a href="" style="background-color: #ffffff;">Kindle Fire leaks</a> we've seen, which seem to indicate two updated tablets in both 7- and 10-inch sizes. We'll find out more tomorrow, but it seems clear Amazon intends to put some heavy marketing muscle behind the new products it does announce. Take a look at the commercial below, and don't forget to...</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Bryan Bishop 2012-09-05T19:04:33-04:00 2012-09-05T19:04:33-04:00 Exclusive: Amazon phone confirmed, could be announced tomorrow <img alt="" src="" /> <p>Amazon's <a href="">updated Kindle Fire</a> and new <a href="">backlit "Paperwhite" Kindle e-reader</a> have already leaked out ahead of the company's event tomorrow, but there may be one more surprise in store: a mobile phone. Multiple sources have confirmed to <i>The Verge</i> that Amazon is working on a smartphone that runs a variant of the Kindle Fire's Android-based operating system, and we're now hearing that the device will be shown to the press tomorrow.</p> <p>The phone itself is said to be currently unfinished, so if Amazon does announce it we wouldn't expect too many details. But at this point we would expect it to run a forked version of Android 4.0 as the leaked Kindle Fires seem to do, and to <a href="">include Nokia Maps as the location solution</a> &mdash; forking Android means...</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Nilay Patel 2012-08-31T16:52:19-04:00 2012-08-31T16:52:19-04:00 CNET: Amazon prepping two 7-inch Kindle Fire models for next week's event <img alt="" src="" /> <p>Yesterday, we caught a <a href="">few glimpses</a> at what is <a href="">expected to be the new Kindle Fire</a>, and today <a href="" target="_blank"><i>CNET</i> is reporting</a> that Amazon actually has two Kindle Fire tablets in the works. We've heard this before &mdash; in fact it's been rumored for months that <a href="">Amazon is planning to launch more than one Kindle Fire</a> &mdash; but <i>CNET</i> claims that both of the new devices will in fact be the same size. Earlier, it was thought that Amazon would release at least a 10-inch model alongside a new 7-inch Kindle Fire, in an effort to take on Apple's current iPad.</p> <p><i>CNET</i> goes on to elaborate that one of the tablets will be an all-new design, complete with a faster processor, a camera, volume keys, an HDMI port, and more internal storage, but still no expansion slot. The...</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Dan Seifert 2012-08-30T23:17:02-04:00 2012-08-30T23:17:02-04:00 Amazon reportedly taps Nokia for maps on upcoming Kindle Fire <img alt="" src="" /> <p>We have a <a href="">much better idea</a> of what the <a href="">hardware for at least one new Kindle Fire</a> will look like today, and now <a target="_blank" href=""><i>Reuters</i></a> is reporting a bit of information about the software. Apparently Amazon will <a href="">follow Apple</a> in eschewing Google Maps in favor of a different mapping solution, but Amazon will reportedly use Nokia's mapping technology. Nokia is already providing much of the <a href="">power behind Bing maps</a>.</p> <p></p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Dieter Bohn 2012-08-30T20:56:04-04:00 2012-08-30T20:56:04-04:00 Amazon's new Kindle Fire: the evidence grows <img alt="" src="" /> <p>Today has been a boon for Kindle leaks: we saw some sort of <a href="">new Kindle Fire earlier</a> followed by a <a href="">Kindle Touch refresh with "Paperwhite" technology</a>. Now we've been sent a large collection of additional images of a new Fire &mdash; from the same source as the Paperwhite model &mdash; that corroborate the last image of the Fire that we'd posted.</p> <p>Though these images bear a hard-to-ignore resemblance to the Fire that's currently on the market, there's a very important difference: this device has a prominent notch along one of the long edges which may be a front-facing mic for video calling. You can also see a front-facing camera in several of the images, and some show Skype being demonstrated &mdash; it's an important feature even for a budget tablet,...</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Chris Ziegler 2012-08-30T18:43:29-04:00 2012-08-30T18:43:29-04:00 Exclusive: meet the Amazon Kindle with 'Paperwhite' backlit display <img alt="" src="" /> <p>Along with one or more new <a href="">Kindle Fires</a>, we're expecting<a href=";utm_medium=twitter"> refreshed E Ink models</a> in Amazon's e-reader line at the company's <a href="">Los Angeles event next week</a> as well. One of those appears to be a refreshed <a href="" class="sbn-auto-link">Kindle Touch</a> &mdash; the button below the display is gone, and the bezel has changed from light to very dark gray. The overall shape of the product and the location of the USB port and power switch appear to be essentially unchanged. From the images we have, it looks like Amazon will be touting the unit with "higher contrast, high resolution, integrated lighting, and eight weeks of battery life," even when using the light. The retail name for this unit is unclear &mdash; Amazon could simply call it the Kindle Touch again, but "Paperwhite" might...</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Chris Ziegler 2012-08-30T13:33:45-04:00 2012-08-30T13:33:45-04:00 This is the new Amazon Kindle Fire <img alt="" src="" /> <p><i>The Verge</i> has obtained images of what appears to be the next version of the Kindle Fire, Amazon's Android-based tablet that's expected to be announced next week, following news that the current model is <a href="">"sold out."</a> We're being told that a "pair" of Fires is likely &mdash; a 7- and a 10-incher &mdash; though it remains unclear whether both models will be introduced at the same time. We're not sure which model we're looking at here, but the scale of the keyboard suggests that seven inches is more likely.</p> <p>We've seen additional images of the new model, some of which we have been asked not to publish, showing a streamlined user interface with less "chrome." It's unclear whether this refined UI will make it to the production model.</p> <p>While the original...</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Chris Ziegler 2012-08-23T14:21:26-04:00 2012-08-23T14:21:26-04:00 Amazon holding press event on September 6th: new Kindles on the way? <img alt="" src="" /> <p><a class="sbn-auto-link" href="">Amazon</a> has just sent out press invites to a media event being held in California on September 6th. While there is precious little detail to go on, the <a href="">new Kindle Fire</a> has been heavily rumored to be launching in Q3 of this year. According to an AllThingsD source from July, the new Kindle Fire will have WXGA (1280 x 800) display, just like the Nexus 7, and will be thinner and lighter than the current model as well. Other than that, well, we'll just have to wait until the 6th.</p> <p> <a href="">Continue reading&hellip;</a> </p> Laura June