From the streets of New York to the runways of Paris, the world of fashion is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation. To bring fashion to the 21st century, Sabine Seymour, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Moondial, is adopting the latest technologies to create smart, connected clothing. The burgeoning field of fashionable technology has spawned a new generation of researchers and designers, who concentrate on the intersection of aesthetics and function to realize a stylish and intelligent vision for the future of their industry.

Sabine and her team are currently working on several pioneering new projects, from a sweater programmed to change patterns at the press of a button to a connected rain coat that dries itself when wet. She relies on her Intel-powered 2 in 1 to program the chips that are embedded into her prototypes. As a multi-functional research tool, the 2 in 1 allows Sabine to seamlessly maneuver between her lab and the classroom.

As the Director of the Fashionable Technology Lab at Parsons The New School for Design, Sabine is creating a venue for innovative thinking among aspiring fashion designers. With her modern perspective and the help of Intel technology, Sabine is injecting innovation into a field reliant on its traditional approaches to sewing and design, creating a more advanced vision for the future of fashion.

The Future is Now is a 10-part video series that explores people and companies using Intel-powered technology to reinvent the future.

The Future of Retail

Jamal Motlagh is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He employs revolutionary Intel-powered technology as an efficient alternative to hours spent in fitting rooms, providing a simple solution for consumers.

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The Future of Media

Using Intel’s immersive RealSense technology to create high quality children’s media, Deborah Forte hopes to bring children back to reading and introduce them to the future of interactive education.

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The Future of Fencing

Using Intel-powered tablets to train instructors and coaches, Tim Morehouse is bringing ease and accessibility to a new generation of aspiring fencers.

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The Future of Design

In their quest to design and invent the smartest products, Tomorrow Lab is using revolutionary Intel technology to author the future of design.

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The Future of Fitness

Whether on the field or the court, Gary McCoy travels with his Intel-powered tablets, which provide him with the up-to-the-minute data and analytics.

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The Future of Connectivity

An educator, inventor, and creative technologist, Carla Diana is using cutting-edge Intel technology to build the future of connectivity.

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The Future of Furniture

Before sourcing materials and crafting her inventions, Jessica Banks relies on her Intel-powered tablet as a home for inspirational material, from photographs of architectural marvels to 3D renderings of an ambitious new installation.

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The Future of Architecture

Storing his measurements, photos, and records from site visits on his Intel-based tablet, Ion Popian can easily transfer his data to his office computer, where he creates 3D renders and sophisticated CAD drawings.

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The Future of Aerial Filmmaking

Cognizant of the rapid development in mobile computing technology, Chase Heavener has embedded his drone remotes with Intel-powered tablets, giving him a unique ability to monitor and review the footage as he is shooting.

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The Future of Fashion

As a multi-functional research tool, the 2 in 1 allows Sabine Seymour to seamlessly maneuver between her studio and the classroom.

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