The opening weekend of SXSW proved to be an astoundingly entertaining combination of debauchery, adventure, and gluttony. From cowboy-inspired makeovers to booze-filled singles events, Jesse Thorn can safely say he’s had a truly authentic SXSW experience.

In each video below, Jesse proves to be an able guide in curating the best of SXSW’s many offerings. Watch as Jesse begins his journey indulging in real life Mario Kart and fittingly, at the end, dozing off on a hammock in the middle of the trade show floor. This is Austintatious.

Austintatious is a 6-part video series where esteemed radio personality Jesse Thorn experiences the best (and worst) of South By Southwest.

Mario Kart Adventure

Jesse puts the pedal to the metal on a real-life Mario Kart track against a host of exceedingly amateur competition. Though without any stray banana peels or red proximity shells, Jesse’s lack of racing experience really puts him to the test.

Real Life Mario Kart

Gaming Expo

Jesse discovers the wonders of video games, including a frighteningly accurate 3D face scanner and the next-generation virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, which he uses to deliver newspapers to all of his virtual neighbors. It’s pretty clear that Jesse should stick to his day job.

Gaming at SXSW

BBQ Breakfast

With over 104 beers on tap and a “redneck” smoker, Banger’s is an Austin institution. Indulging on a plate of bratwurst and bacon steak for his first meal of the day, watch as Jesse relishes in South by Southwest glory.

Behind the Scenes at Banger's

Cowboy Jesse

Decked out in a new pair of crisp blue Wrangler jeans, flannel buttondown, and cobra-head boots, Jesse— cityslicker turned cowboy—is officially ready to stroll through Downtown Austin.

A Cowboy Makeover


Rejuvenated from his cowboy-inspired makeover, matchmaker Jesse confidently roams around the bar in search of an edgy, travel-loving man for his new friend Jean.

Jesse Plays Cupid

Digital Dreams

In search of the latest Japanese poop-tracking app and a much needed beard trim, Jesse explores the bizarre offerings of this year’s SXSW Interactive trade show.

On the Convention Floor