3D-printed cast concept uses ultrasound to heal broken bones

Last year, Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill created the Cortex cast, a concept that sought to potentially replace traditional plaster casts while also offering the added benefit of being lightweight and odor-free. Now, the Osteoid cast, a new concept designed by Deniz Karasahin, takes things a step further by adding an ultrasound device meant to speed up the healing...

AT&T adds more data and tethering to top prepaid plan

AT&T is making its off-contract GoPhone plans a little more competitive as T-Mobile continues its aggressive tactics to win over customers in that market. Beginning next Friday, AT&T will make changes to two of its prepaid GoPhone plans: most notably, its $60 per month plan will now include an extra 500MB of data, bringing it up to 2.5GB per month, and begin allowing customers to use their data to create Wi-Fi hotspots; its second change will double the data offered in its $40 per month plan from 250MB to 500MB per month. AT&T will also debut a plan sold only at Walmart that includes 1GB of data and unlimited talk for $45 per month.

AT&T's GoPhone plans have been steadily improving, with the biggest change being the addition of LTE service last May. Since then, T-Mobile has been doggedly pursuing off-contract customers — particularly those of AT&T. While T-Mobile's a far smaller carrier and it's hard to say how much success it's had there, AT&T seems to be paying some...

And debuts a new plan just for Walmart

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Inside Tencent: the Chinese tech giant that's trying to go global

The Chinese web giant Tencent is one of the biggest companies in tech thanks to its popular messaging and gaming services, and yet you'd hardly know it outside of China. But that may not be for long: Tencent recently began expanding into new countries, and it's even made some investments in American companies to start making a dent in the US. In an in-depth profile of Tencent and its billionaire CEOFast Company explains how it's attempting to go global and how cultural differences —...

MLB.TV is now streaming on Google's Chromecast

Starting today, you'll be able to watch America's pastime on Chromecast. MLB.TV now supports Google's $35 streaming stick, and fans can start casting games to the TV once the required updates for At Bat 2014 arrive on Android and iOS this...


Facebook wants to find your nearby friends

Two years ago, a battle was raging over "people discovery" apps. Highlight wanted to introduce you to strangers on the street, Sonar hoped to connect you with friends of friends at a bar, and Glancee wanted to hook you up with nearby Tolkien fans. The ambient awareness technology behind all these apps was amazing, but people weren’t comfortable using them. Facebook acquired Glancee, and not a moment too soon. The people-discovery bubble was a...

LG tries to create a universal AirPlay for apps

LG today is releasing something it's calling "Connect SDK" to app developers. It's an open-source project that's designed to allow iOS and Android devices to stream video and photos to as many television devices as possible. At launch, it supports Roku, Chromecast, FireTV, webOS TVs, and some LG TVs. LG says that Apple TV support is also in the works, but isn't supported at launch.

The basic problem LG is trying to solve is fragmentation:...

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