Nearly one-third of morning-after pills in Peru are fake

A whopping 28 percent of morning-after pills in Peru are fake. A study published today in PLOS ONE relates how some emergency contraceptives contain inadequate amounts of active ingredients that, in many cases, aren't being released quickly enough into the body to be considered effective. This, the researchers say, means that nearly one third of the pills — pills that are sold by licensed...


Ukrainian Jews are caught in a propaganda war

A group of masked men issued a chilling warning to Jews living in eastern Ukraine this week: register with the government, or face deportation. According to reports from local and Israeli media, the men were seen outside a synagogue in the city of Donetsk on Wednesday, where they were handing out leaflets to people leaving a Passover service. Written on the papers were orders for all Jews over the age of 16 to register their names and property with a governmental office, and to provide documents to "register your Jewish religion."

The identities of the men remain unknown, and it's not clear whether they are affiliated with a particular movement or political party. But the incident has nevertheless rekindled strong memories of World War II-era fascism in Ukraine, where anti-Semitism has become a propaganda chess piece for Russian leaders since the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych earlier this year.

Ukraine's fledgling government has struggled to quell unrest in the eastern...

Anti-Semitic fliers evoke horrific memories

Public urination fiasco is forcing Portland to drain 38 million gallons of treated water

For the second time in three years, one man's urine is forcing the city of Portland, Ore., to drain millions of gallons of treated water currently stored in an open reservoir. The first time someone was caught pissing in one of these open storage facilities back in 2011 the city ended up draining 7.5 million gallons of water, Fox News reports. But this time around, the urine made its way into an even larger reservoir, so the city is now planning to dump the entirety of the its contents —...

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Putin tells Edward Snowden he doesn't spy on Russians like the NSA

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is currently living under asylum in Russia, so it makes sense that he would want to know about the country's own surveillance practices. He managed to take his inquiry straight to the top and pose the question to none other than President Vladimir Putin during a live, state-run television broadcast. "I've seen little public discussion of Russia's own involvement in the policies of mass surveillance," he said. "So I'd...

Al Franken wants Netflix CEO's perspective on Comcast / TWC deal

Senator Al Franken has repeatedly warned of the dangers presented by Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, and today he repeated those concerns in a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. If regulators clear the purchase, Franken said he fears it will give Comcast "the power and the incentive to act as a gatekeeper on the internet, raising costs and limiting choices for consumers." According to Franken, Hastings and Netflix are...

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