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    Im not even talking about that I said we need to go further with device less like using your hand, fingerprint, iris, veins in hand or any other body part. I was using the card as an example as there was no middleman (Visa, Mastercard etc) and that was about 20 years ago we should have advanced way further but we have not.

    How much do you want to bet there will be some type of fees with this coming from Visa.

    Techcrunch had a article earlier this year about a payment system that uses the veins in your hand to confirm identity that is what we should be looking at not a damn phone

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    Why not rely on the time your server has instead.

    Otherwise you end up with stuff like 1:40 am East Coast USA Sept 1, It is about 6:40pm August 31 in Niue, and 6:40pm Sept 1 in Tonga.

    What would it show if three people from different parts of the world from the USA, Tonga & Niue comment all at the same time.

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    Which ever looks like a wrist watch and not a iPod nano or pocket watch strapped to my wrist wins. If it is any bigger than a Timex, Rolex, Swatch, etc it is a no go,

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    “But they are generic phones, they all run the same Google Android, with a couple of APK’s on top, some of which you don’t like and can’t even get rid off unless you hack the device…”

    So whats that difference between the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPod Nano !

    There are quite a few stock apps on iOS that I would love to get rid of that I have never used on opened ever.

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    I personally dont like the idea of NFC I think we should start over when it comes to Mobile payments.

    When it all comes down to it all we’re gonna do is link a damn creditcard, debitcard account to any payment form; its pretty much a new form of paypal.

    The whole system and idea of payments should be started over with a clean slate. I remember a little less than 20 years ago some town in Quebec was testing out a complete cashless system with smartcards with no creditcard, debitcard involved at all that should be the goal.

    We should be going toward and cashless and device (phone, credit/debitcard, check etc) less payment system.

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    Actually that kinda sucks for Apple adding Discover would add all China Union Pay (China and most of Southeast Asia) & JCB (Japan) cards also

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    Too bad most people cant tell the difference between Gold Plated, fake Gold, and solid Gold. You could give most people Pyrite and they would think its gold until it starts sparking

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    So what about Discovercard, JCB, BCCard, China Union Pay, Dankort, Nets, Girocard, EPS, EFTPOS,

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    Microsoft has brought many companies over the years use one of those company names or product names; remember the old suface

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    Microsoft would not win due to Metro AG; it was discussed before that they release software

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    1 Buy your own domain

    2 Deal with it and accept that you have a common name and either find some way to work around it. There are hundreds of sites that offer email use something other than the big ones such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail/msn/outlook/live, aol,

    3 Use something country specific there are many providers that offer emails ending in .us, .uk, .de, .fr, .ie, .ca and so on and with 196 + country tld’s plus the other new ones that just became available this year you can find something.

    4 I will say that if would be better if say companies such as Yahoo did not block off a email if someone say gets that also becomes unavailable. Each CCtld should be independent of the others. as certain names will run out faster especally for English, Spanish, French names due to each language being spoken in 20+ countries. There is a damn good chance that someone in England has the same name as someone in Canada, USA, Belize, Australia, Ghana, South Africa, Ireland, or maybe India and you could probably do this for almost every country that has been colonized.

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    What about if he did not have a number ? such as a data only plan ?

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    What about having it shown all the time instead of hiding it, like how when gadgets were on a desktop in Vista it shrunk the rest of the desktop, why not do that here

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    Is a File explorer even considered an app ?

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    They personally had me until 32GB; if they are only going to have that much space why not just put the next version of Windows RT on it. That way it will take up less space and would possibly run faster just put a big ass warning that says it can only be used with Windows store apps.

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    There are many apps included that most of the general public would never use such-as Stocks, Travel, Finance

    I would possible bundle Paint.Net & Spotify,

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    I would say for me it is the following some of these are not included in Windows but should be

    Media Player
    PDF Reader

    Apps that we should have

    Clock (that shows many time zones)
    Calendar (that is not dependant on Microsoft Account)
    Ebook (perhaps a combined PDF & Ereader App that supports many formats)

    Apps that need to be redesigned and trashed and just start over.

    Windows Media Player

    I would ditch all of the following Metro Apps; they are either useless to the majority of consumers or the apps suck very badly

    Skydrive/One Drive

    No app should be dependent on a Microsoft Account as there are apps that can not be launch or updated without a Microsoft Account

    All Apps should be 100% removable with nothing left over and should be able to re-download them as needed via Windows App Store or Microsoft Website

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