You can read 'The New Yorker' for free right now

Many of The New Yorker's smartest reports and profiles get hidden behind a paywall when they head online, but for the rest of the summer those articles will all be open to everyone. To promote a design overhaul of its website that's meant to make articles easier to read on phones, tablets, and the desktop, The New Yorker is making all new articles and all existing articles published after 2007...

PuffPuffChat is Chatroulette for stoned people

Chatroulette became a phenomenon shortly after it debuted, but for many, the novelty of chatting with a randomly chosen stranger quickly wore off. A similar type of site is now trying to fix that by taking a slightly different approach, making sure that its users have something in common: that they're pretty much all high. The site is called PuffPuffChat, and it asks users to rank themselves on a 10-point scale of how high they are before putting them in either a text or video chat with someone at a similar level. According to The Daily Dot, the site launched back in May, and it's already hosted tens of thousands of chats.

In an interview with Adweek, site founder Eric (who goes by the name "cherry_garcia" on Reddit) says that most of the chats have been text chats, which certainly differentiates it from the video-focused Chatroulette. That may well be for good reason though: "It appears stoners are more comfortable in complete anonymity," Eric says. The site is really bare bones,...

"How high are you?" PuffPuffChat

Imgur is making it even easier to find funny cat GIFs

Image-sharing service Imgur is introducing a redesigned front page, advanced search functions and new discovery tools, highlighted by the addition of user-suggested tags. This will allow users to curate personalized galleries or filter out unwanted images. Tags can also be voted on, ensuring only the most relevant material will receive attention.

As for the new search feature, it now permits users to sort through files based on criteria like title, tag, image size, and image type. "This new...

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One man and his robot are responsible for 8.5 percent of Wikipedia

On a good day, Sverker Johansson adds more than 10,000 articles to Wikipedia. Johansson is by far the most prolific contributor to the online encyclopedia, having submitted 2.7 million articles, or 8.5 percent of Wikipedia's collection, over the last seven years. The 53-year-old Swede, profiled in The Wall Street Journal this week, works as an administrator, and has degrees in linguistics, civil engineering, economics and particle physics. His...

Jason Segel left Twitter because of burrito fanboys

It's rare for a public figure to shun Twitter, but Jason Segel, the actor known for How I Met Your Mother and currently starring in the upcoming movie Sex Tape, has revealed why he quit. In an interview with Variety, Segel explains that he left Twitter after an ill-fated decision in late-night snacking when he accidentally incited an internet riot. According to Segel: "At one point, at 3AM, I was deciding between eating a sandwich and a ...

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