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What to expect from the PlayStation 5

How loot boxes hooked gamers and left regulators spinning

Samsung’s One UI is the best software it’s ever put on a smartphone

That uranium ore found at a Grand Canyon museum isn’t as scary as it sounds

The Litho controller is sci-fi jewelry for your iPhone’s AR apps

Meet DeepSqueak, an algorithm built to decode ultrasonic rat squeaks

Emoji are showing up in court cases exponentially, and courts aren’t prepared

Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10

Leaks abound, but there still might be some surprises

Leviton’s new smart Load Center brings app control to your circuit breakers

This origami-like strip of paper helped diagnose malaria in Uganda

Instagram posts land former Trump confidant into deeper legal trouble

SoundCloud now helps artists self-distribute music to Spotify and other streaming platforms

Varjo’s super high-resolution VR headset promises virtual worlds that actually look real

Yo dawg, I heard you like screens

Israeli spacecraft poised to become first privately funded lander on the Moon

Leica Q2 leaks out ahead of rumored March announcement

Most of Ring’s excellent smart home cameras are discounted for a limited time

Google is holding a mysterious gaming press event at GDC next month

Audi’s traffic light sensor gives you the power to catch as many green lights as possible

YouTube updates channel strike system with one-time warning and more consistent punishments

Fortnite turns into SSX with the long-awaited driftboard

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