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Feed refreshed

Google Street View images in Germany are getting first update in over a decade.

Privacy advocates balked at the initial rollout in 2011, causing Google to halt image collection, which will now be refreshed for the first time starting June 22nd. The German government is involved this time to ensure sufficient use of the blur brush.

On the left the current picture on Street View (taken in June 2008), on the right the actual Munich Google office in Erika-Mann-Straße.
On the left the current picture on Street View (taken in June 2008), on the right the actual Munich Google office in Erika-Mann-Straße.
Image: Google
The next Steam Next Fest takes place later this month.

From June 19th through 26th, you can try out hundreds of demos of upcoming PC games right on Steam. You can catch just a few of the available demos in Steam’s trailer for the event.

A five-minute teaser for Marvel’s Secret Invasion series awaits, if you jump through one hoop.

With the next MCU series set for a Disney Plus debut on June 21st, the marketing for Secret Invasion is winding up, but with a spy twist this time. Instead of just dropping yet another trailer, it’s stored on this dedicated site that requests a password (RSD3PX5N7S), which is conveniently listed in the tweet.

Figuring out which characters are Skrulls in hiding will hopefully be a little harder than that.

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Donald Trump has been indicted. Again.

From NBC News:

A federal grand jury has indicted Donald Trump in connection with his mishandling of more than 100 classified documents that were discovered last year at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, making the twice-impeached former commander-in-chief the first former president to face federal criminal charges.

Trump also posted about the indictment on his Truth Social account.

Trump was indicted by a New York grand jury in March.

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Welcome to Hell, you are 2,120th in line.

Diablo IV is currently undergoing some massive queue times to log in. For reference, I’ve been playing on PS5 since early access and the game’s official worldwide launch, and only today have I run into a queue. Blizzard seems aware of the issue and has said that it’s working on a solution.

Apple’s Vision Pro is the Retina display moment for headsets

I tried the Vision Pro, and just like the introduction of the iPhone 4 over a decade ago, there’s no going back from here.

WWDC 2023 news: Apple Vision Pro, Mac Pro, iOS 17, and more

Apple revealed Vision Pro augmented reality hardware, a 15-inch MacBook Air, the new Mac Pro, macOS Sonoma, iOS 17, and more.

Elon Musk and GM CEO Mary Barra are about to chat live, and I can guess what they’re going to say.

Just days after Ford cut a deal for access to Tesla’s Supercharger network while agreeing to adopt its NACS standard for a charging plug, GM’s CEO is also going on a Twitter Space with Elon Musk. We’ll find out exactly what the deal is in just a few minutes.

Update 4:45PM ET — And now it’s confirmed, GM and Tesla have a deal to work together on charging too.

Reddit’s CEO is hosting an AMA about API changes tomorrow.

On Friday at 1:30PM ET, Reddit says its CEO Steve Huffman will host an AMA on r/reddit about “the latest API updates, including accessibility, mod bots, and third-party mod tools.”

This comes just after Apollo, one of the most popular third-party apps for Reddit, announced that it’s shutting down due to the platform’s API policy changes. Other subreddits are planning to go dark in protest of these changes on June 12th.

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How do advertisers love thee? Let us count the 650,000 ways.

We all probably know by now that online advertisers track us to some degree of detail. But a new report from The Markup dives deeply into the world of ad targeting, which includes categories so detailed that they can identify specific illnesses, psychological profiles, political beliefs, and even location data.