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How bad were Elizabeth Holmes’ 1AM emails?

Tim Cook tells Apple employees he’s ‘looking forward to moving forward’ after Epic ruling

SpaceX’s first private crew shows what they’ve been up to in orbit

The iPhone’s notch: should it stay or should it go?

Digital messages from patients to doctors spiked during the pandemic

Florida man used Disney employee iPad to magically skip lines

Apple’s new COVID-19 policy requires vaccinations to skip ‘frequent’ testing

Vergecast: iPhone 13, iPad Mini, and everything Apple announced

Is this the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 12S?

Sony subsidiary makes a PS5 SSD that’s even further out of your reach

Fortnite adds another virtual influencer to its battle royale

Amazon says it’s permanently banned 600 Chinese brands for review fraud

8 new HomeKit features arriving with Apple’s September 20th software updates

Niantic is shutting down its AR Catan game after a year of early access

Another AR game bites the dust

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How to preorder the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

How to preorder Apple’s new iPad and iPad Mini

Here’s how the new iPad Mini compares to the last-gen model

Clubhouse appears to be working on Waves, a new way to invite friends to rooms

The bitter lawsuit hanging over the Apple Watch’s new swipe keyboard

Apple allegedly offered to buy his app; instead, it’s being Sherlocked

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How and where to replace your old, depleted iPhone battery

Treasury to issue new cryptocurrency sanctions after ransomware attacks

Dell Latitude 9420 review: pricey performance

Apple says it every year, but the iPhone 13 cameras do seem much improved

Will it be enough?

Apple’s seven-minute tour shows off what’s new in the iPhone 13

Snapchat is getting an Among Us clone from Zynga

Here’s exactly how much bigger the iPhone 13 batteries are

It seems Apple has focused on batteries this year

A privacy-focused permissions feature from Android 11 is coming to older phones too

Best gaming laptop in 2021: seven laptops to get your game on

The best gaming laptop at every size and price

Riot continues to expand beyond League of Legends with new PC launcher

Man who unlocked nearly 2 million AT&T phones gets 12 years in prison

Apple and Google bend to Russian government pressure on voting app

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Here are the accessories you’ll need for your PlayStation 5

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How to use iPhone’s location tracking

HBO Max is offering 50 percent off ad-free plan for six months

Half-Life: Alyx is a must-play VR game for $36

OnePlus 9 software update pays homage to the Hasselblad XPan camera

Join us for On The Verge: our exciting 10-year birthday party in New York City

Verge editors, a bunch of special guests, and you

Microsoft’s new photos app for Windows 11 is a welcome redesign

Ikea’s gaming range launches globally next month

Just $24.99 for a sweet wooden gaming hand

Oppo shows off new ColorOS 12 following OnePlus merger

The iPad Mini doesn’t support mmWave 5G

The Verge’s back-to-school gift guide 2021

Great gifts for high schoolers and the college bound

Guillermo Del Toro’s next film Nightmare Alley is carnival meets noir in its first teaser

Cameo Calls let you have a video meet-and-greet with a celebrity

Streaming service Locast permanently barred from operation

Hundreds of T-Mobile stores will be able to fix phones soon

We want to see your internet bill

The Verge is partnering with Consumer Reports for a new project about internet costs