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Intel Arc A750 and A770 review: new budget PC gaming contenders

Intel’s GPU effort is impressive but early

Tom WarrenTwo hours ago

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Dan Seifert41 minutes ago
Can we not do this whole smart water bottle thing again?

Gatorade is trying to make smart water bottles happen... again. Its new $70 Smart Gx Bottle and Sweat Patch (via Engadget) are supposed to tell when you’re sweaty and inform you it’s time to drink. Which, in theory, would sell more Gatorade. Of course it has an app and needs to be charged via a USB cable, too.

Putting aside the fact that I can usually tell when I’m sweaty and thirsty on my own without a $70 water bottle, this whole thing reminds me of the ill-fated Vessyl from 2014, a product formed of such hubris that it wasn’t even that funny when it failed miserably at its stated goal. We don’t need to do this again, folks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my connected coffee mug says it’s time for a firmware update.

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Richard LawlerTwo hours ago
Green light.

Good morning, There’s no new Elon Musk / Twitter news, yet, but that could always change. You won’t be surprised to learn that Google has sprung another leak ahead of a Pixel device launch, but you may want to use this lull to brush up on Matter 1.0 and what it means for the smart home going forward.