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Feed refreshed

An audience reaction worth $3,499.

When Apple unveiled the price-tag for the Vision Pro there were groans aplenty from those watching on big screens. Not a great litmus test for whether it’s worth the money.

WWDC 2023 news: Apple Vision Pro, Mac Pro, iOS 17, and more

Apple revealed Vision Pro augmented reality hardware, a 15-inch MacBook Air, the new Mac Pro, macOS Sonoma, iOS 17, and more.

Google Chat will be able to suggest how to finish a sentence.

It’s the same smart compose tech that Google uses in Gmail, and based on a GIF in a blog post, it indeed looks as if it will work just like you might be used to already while writing an email. Wonder if Slack will get this someday.

A GIF showing smart compose in Google Chat.
GIF: Google
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Tim Cook is really trying to make “spatial computing” happen.

I’ve been wondering for weeks what term Apple would land on: AR? VR? Mixed reality? Something else? Based on this teaser for a Good Morning America interview airing tomorrow, it sounds like Cook’s term of choice is “spatial computing.” We heard it a few times in the keynote today, and I suspect we’re going to hear it a lot more going forward. A lot more.

Here’s our first look at Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

We’ll have much more, including hands-on reactions to the new Vision Pro, to come. Stay tuned.

Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Apple announced Vision Pro, its long-rumored virtual and augmented reality headset, at WWDC 2023. Here’s a timeline of all the details that have emerged about the device over the years and what we know so far.

The Verge
Apple, thank you for not calling it realityOS.

I’m still waiting for the Verge ground team’s impressions of the new Apple Vision Pro and visionOS — but seriously, I’m glad those name rumors were wrong.

I would love to see a single confirmed screenshot through the Vision Pro’s lenses.

We’ll hopefully soon have reports from journalists who’ve actually tried it — but no headset has yet delivered a “you can see whatever you’d see with your eyes” panoramic experience.

Never keeps ‘em from producing these marketing renders to make it seem like they do. Microsoft’s first HoloLens was a particularly bad offender: with VR instead of AR tech, Apple’s FOV should be much better.

Fortnite is getting wild.

Fortnite’s current cyberpunk-themed season is ending soon, and Epic is already teasing what’s next: a season dubbed “Wilds,” which kicks off on June 9th. Better use those web shooters while you still can.

Apple’s introduction to mixed reality has a price, and it’s $3,499.

Ready to slap some virtual 4K screens on your face? That’s the price when Apple’s Vision Pro headset is available “early next year” in the US via Apple Stores and More countries will join the last “later in the year.”

Apple Vision Pro, price $3,499
Apple Vision Pro, price $3,499
Image: Apple
Ok, so the front-facing eye display rumor was real.

Now we’ve seen some pictures of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, complete with the rumored display that can show the user’s eyes to indicate they’re in mixed reality and not screened off in a private virtual reality.

What are your first impressions? Tasteful or creepy.

Image: Apple
Engage Game mode.

One of the new features in macOS Sonoma (which should come in handy once Death Stranding launches on the platform) is the ability to enable “Game mode” to prioritize gaming on the Apple Silicon CPU and GPU, along with lowered audio latency on AirPods and doubled BT sampling rate on Xbox and PS controllers.

Apple MacBook shown with DualSense PS5 controller and AirPods.
Apple MacBook shown with DualSense PS5 controller and AirPods.
Image: Apple
AirPlay is coming to hotels.

The idea is to make it easier to connect to things like a hotel’s Wi-Fi network right from your iPhone. Seems really handy — assuming hotels actually decide to take advantage of it.

A phone showing a QR code to scan for AirPlay in hotels.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge
The Verge
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Nothing more to say, really.