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Can Twitter actually follow EU law? We might know later this month.

EU specialists are touring San Francisco performing “stress tests” of enforcement for the upcoming Digital Services Act, and Twitter is on the roster:

A team of roughly five to 10 digital specialists from the EU plan to put Twitter, and possibly other companies, through their content-policing paces during a visit to San Francisco in late June, Thierry Breton, the bloc’s commissioner for the internal market, said in an interview.

The test is voluntary, he said, and Twitter has agreed to be subjected to it. It won’t carry any fines or other enforcement consequences. It will offer companies a dry run for how the EU’s Digital Services Act, or DSA, will be enforced.

Elon Musk pulled Twitter out of a voluntary anti-disinformation program, but he’s promised to follow the EU’s rules... if Twitter’s skeleton crew can follow through.

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Did you know Apple stores make a lot of money?

Joking aside, it seems they do make huge piles of cash. From this Mark Gurman report in Bloomberg:

Regular stores typically generate more than $40 million annually, while Apple Store+ locations bring in over $45 million, according to internal data. The flagships generate more than $75 million, while the flagship+ sites make over $100 million annually.

Unsurprisingly, Apple is working on a lot more stores, according to Gurman.

Vorsprung durch Technik.

That’s Audi’s German-language slogan meaning “advancement through technology.” Today, the automaker is living by these words remotely, through its introduction of an in-car Cisco Webex meetings app designed for hybrid work.

Select 2024 Audi and future VW Group vehicles will have Webex available to download from the automaker’s in-car app store, which includes TikTok as an option. The Cisco partnership comes after both Tesla and Mercedes-Benz got in-car Zoom.

interior of Audi vehicle showing steering wheel, dash, and infotainment screen with man waving hand on the screen.
Cisco Webex meeting running natively in an Audi. Click here for a larger image.
Image: Audi
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PlugShare users have grown by a million in less than a year.

The EV charging guide app now has 3.5 million users according to EVgo, which acquired PlugShare in 2021. PlugShare’s been a boon to hundreds of early EV adopters looking for chargers. The interface is showing its age compared to Google Maps, but PlugShare users have logged over 6.5 million checkins worldwide and share useful tips on almost every charging station.

The wild, true story of Chicago’s most infamous police impersonator

The “Kid Cop” duped the PD as a teenager — and that was just the beginning.

Finger lickin’ good.

KFC, eat your heart out.

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If you have an Nvidia GPU and more than one monitor, you might want to skip the latest driver update.

Many people (including yours truly) are having problems with Chromium browsers and other apps flickering after installing the 535.98 driver released May 30th.

The problem seems linked to multiple monitor setups and having G-Sync enabled. A post to Nvidia’s forums says they’ve identified a fix, but until it’s rolled out, you can try an earlier driver or disable hardware acceleration in any apps that are having problems.

Will one of the CD-ROM’s original killer apps tempt you to VR?

You know Myst, but do you remember the CD-ROM’s other killer app? The 7th Guest is now 30 years old, and it’s getting remade in 3D for the first time to sell you on Meta’s Quest 2 (and just-announced Quest 3) headsets. It’ll still have something akin to full-motion video for its actors, too: volumetric video capture.

The unsung heroes of the Apple Watch are its hidden buttons

Changing watch straps isn’t new, but Apple’s hidden little buttons simplified it and took it mainstream.

Razer’s Kitsune is a new controller for fighting games.

Timely, given the upcoming launch of Street Fighter 6. Razer hasn’t said how much it will cost or when it will come out, but if you want a new arcade-style fighting game controller for PC or PS5, the Kitsune seems like a promising option.

Meta’s VR gaming showcase is about to begin.

The pre-show kicks off at 12:45PM ET, with the main show starting at 1PM ET. You can watch it here on YouTube. Here’s hoping Meta sneaks in another look at the just-announced Quest 3 VR headset.

The Verge’s 2023 Graduation Gift Guide

We found a wide range of gifts that’ll help graduates as they embark upon their next adventure, whether that’s college or a career.

Vampire Survivors’ newest DLC is backed by a full orchestra.

You can hear and watch a recording of the soundtrack on YouTube. This song in particular sounds like something you’d hear in a fantasy movie — which is fitting, given the DLC’s fantasy theme.

WWDC 2023: what to expect at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

WWDC kicks off on June 5th, and it’s going to be a big one.

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Google has already driven ad prices into the basement. Now, with AI, will it destroy online media completely?

“This is a facet of the larger AI story — which is to say it’s about automation,” writes John Herrman “But it’s also a story of a large platform deciding to compete more aggressively in the marketplace it controls.”

It’s unclear whether this is what users want. But there is a dark new future forming, one that might suggest fun new antitrust laws!

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Boeing acquires autonomous air taxi startup Wisk.

This was probably inevitable after Kitty Hawk, the ambitious “flying car” startup funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, shut down last year. Wisk was formed in 2019 as a joint venture with Kitty Hawk and aerospace giant Boeing, so without Kitty Hawk, Boeing had the choice to either cut off funding for Wisk completely or acquire the startup. It went with option B.

Sean Murray sure seems to be teasing No Man’s Sky for Apple’s unannounced VR headset.

The game just came out on Mac, already supports VR, and he tweeted about a surprise in the “VERY near future” and what appears to be a picture of the game’s Steam page with the Windows logo, Apple logo, and the words “VR Supported.”

With Apple’s WWDC keynote in the very near future, it looks like we might see No Man’s Sky as a featured game during the show.

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Spider-Verse producer Amy Pascal says live-action Miles is on his way.

At Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’s LA premiere this week, producer Amy Pascal teased that Miles Morales is definitely making his live-action debut in the near future, and Sony’s already working on another Spider-Man starring Tom Holland:

“We’re in the process, but the writers strike, nobody is working during the strike. We’re all being supporters and whenever they get themselves together, we’ll get started.”

Another minute of the new Motorola Razr.

Leaker @OnLeaks has unearthed new trailers for Motorola’s upcoming, and so far officially unannounced, foldable Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra. We can see a pretty sizable cover display on the Ultra with an onscreen keyboard, and a color variant seemingly based on Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year.

The new trailer has leaked a week after a full spec sheet and 44-second trailer emerged.


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