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Everything you need to know about the new coronavirus from China

Google’s ads just look like search results now

Tech companies are ‘too big, and we’ve allowed them to exercise monopoly power,’ says House Antitrust chairman David Cicilline

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A new system to prove you’re real

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Samsung to debut AirDrop competitor alongside Galaxy S20, report claims

Ikea and Teenage Engineering launch co-developed speakers and party products

Transcription service Rev is raising prices for the first time to $1.25 a minute

Google I/O 2020 will kick off on May 12th

It takes place from May 12 through May 14th

Sonos CEO apologizes for confusion, says legacy products will work ‘as long as possible’

This hour-long Splatoon concert features holographic squid kids


Exclusive look at Cruise’s first driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals

The Origin is the GM subsidiary’s first attempt to build an fully autonomous car from the ground up

Mean Girls channels Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game as culture becomes a ouroboros of remakes

How to delete Cortana recordings and protect your privacy

Meet the 26-year-old socialist trucker running for Congress on TikTok

‘Yeet the rich’

Samsung’s next foldable may have an ‘ultra thin’ glass display

Rocket League is killing online multiplayer on macOS and Linux