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Apollo was NASA’s biggest win — but its legacy is holding the agency back

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Here are the best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals so far

AT&T is getting sued for selling customers’ location data

Sony’s new A7R IV full-frame mirrorless camera has a monstrous 61-megapixel sensor

Live-action mystery game Telling Lies needed a new way of filming conversations

Judge rules that neo-Nazi blog owner should pay $14 million for inciting a ‘troll storm’

Blizzard explains how home and away games will work in the Overwatch League

Should you boycott Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon has made shopping easy — but it isn’t easy for everyone

The Nokia 2.2 has a small notch and costs $140

Mesh Wi-Fi systems from eero, Netgear, Google, and more are cheaper for Amazon Prime Day 2019

Congress wants to block the Trump administration from weakening Huawei restrictions

Alphabet’s Wing launches app to manage air traffic for drones

Tetris Effect is coming to PC next week

Another Epic Games Store exclusive

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Fitbit’s Versa, Ionic, and Ace fitness trackers are cheaper for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2019

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals on Kitchen Gadgets Are Here

Tesla drops Standard Range versions of Model S and X

Tesla workers say they had to cut corners to meet production goals

Slack isn’t worried about Microsoft’s big Teams push

Google employee who helped lead protests leaves company

Trump’s vehicle emissions rollback is dicey, so he’s lowering the fine for guzzling gas

This $25 Nintendo Switch controller supports in-game Fortnite chat with a headphone jack

SpaceX finally reveals cause of April spacecraft explosion

Nomads travel to America’s Walmarts to stock Amazon’s shelves

To stock Amazon’s shelves, merchants travel the backroads of America in search of rare soap and coveted toys

Zoom’s video conferencing security flaw also applies to RingCentral and Zhumu

Microsoft pulls Windows 10 May update from some Surface Book 2 devices over GPU issues

The update may cause the computer to fail to recognize its discrete Nvidia GPU

Twitter won’t hide Donald Trump’s racist tweets

LG’s acclaimed C8 OLED 4K TV is just $948 at Google Express

TikTok took over VidCon, and YouTube is next

Twitter desktop redesign adopts some of its mobile app’s best features

House Democrats are considering a bill to ban Facebook from the finance industry

How Joey Salads could meme his way into Congress

The YouTuber brings his pranks — and reactionary dog-whistles — on the campaign trail.

Facebook hires former Vine head to work for new experimental app division

Microsoft to allow Alexa to integrate further into Windows 10

Alienware co-founder leaves Dell to become AMD’s chief gaming architect

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Microsoft’s Surface Headphones drop to $190 for Amazon Prime Day

How to tip The Verge: secure email, Signal, SecureDrop, and more

Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale is a model of longform worldbuilding

Facebook tells Congress how it thinks Libra should be regulated

Libra won’t launch until it has “fully addressed regulatory concerns”

German state bans Office 365 in schools, citing privacy concerns

Author Myke Cole talks writing hard science fiction in his space-set Coast Guard novel Sixteenth Watch

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How to see your mail before it arrives

The streamer who built a giant Starbucks island in Minecraft to connect with fans

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The Verge Guide to Amazon Prime Day

We’re searching out the best sales

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Best anti-Prime Day deals from Best Buy, Walmart, and more