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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 event confirmed for August 5th

The US government is considering a TikTok ban, says secretary of state

Fraunhofer’s new H.266 codec promises to cut the cost of streaming 4K video in half

Away faces staff revolt as employees call for Steph Korey to step down

Quibi is flailing because no one at Quibi understands what Quibi is

Mmhmm turns your boring Zoom call into a Weekend Update-style TV show

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra appears to leak in first real-world images

The Navajo Nation faced water shortages for generations — and then the pandemic hit

One in three Navajo citizens lack running water

Donkey Kong Country heads July’s Nintendo Switch Online games

iOS 14 might let you scan QR codes to use Apple Pay

Audi reveals a sporty version of its upcoming electric Q4 SUV

Supreme Court says government debt collectors can’t robocall your cell anymore

Facebook boycott organizers call Mark Zuckerberg meeting ‘a disappointment’

“We were expecting a very clear answer.”


Tracing the link between your phone and the next pandemic

Viruses can jump from animals to humans mining minerals that are used to make smartphones

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The $70 video game is inevitable

Go read this Kotaku story about Ubisoft’s pervasive toxic culture

eSkootr is a high-speed electric scooter racing series launching in 2021

How the commercialization of bug bounties is creating more vulnerabilities

33 powerful Black Lives Matter murals

Artists have turned boarded-up businesses into powerful Black Lives Matter art

House budget bill denies major increases for NASA to fund ambitious Moon program

Instagram’s pinned comments feature is rolling out to everyone now