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Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils prototype humanoid Optimus robot

The robot walked around gingerly onstage and is supposedly targeting a price of less than $20,000.

Andrew J. Hawkins and Umar Shakir4:42 AM UTC

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Feed refreshed 2:23 AM UTC Tesla AI Day 2022.

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Alex Cranz2:23 AM UTC
How impressive was that robot demo?

A lot less impressive than most of us might have wanted. Earlier this week, James Vincent spoke to roboticists who warned that a robot simply walking across stage and waving would not be a terrific feat. Then Tesla’s robot…walked across stage and waved.

Richard Lawler1:49 AM UTC
Elon has a real robot this time.

Sure, it walked across that stage like I do when I fell asleep at an odd angle, and my back is feeling tight, but it walked!

Animated GIF showing Tesla’s robot walk gingerly in front of a bright screen at the AI Day event.
Tesla AI Day 2022 - Optimus robot
Image: Tesla