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Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils prototype humanoid Optimus robot

The robot walked around gingerly onstage and is supposedly targeting a price of less than $20,000.

Andrew J. Hawkins and Umar Shakir4:42 AM UTC

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Emma RothAn hour ago
Avoiding accountability in AI.

Instead of scraping potentially copyrighted photos and videos from the web and using them to train an AI model themselves, Waxy’s Andy Baio says companies like Google and Meta often have non-commercial groups do it for them.

That’s because nonprofits and academic groups provide a “more favorable legal case for a ‘fair use’ exemption to copyright law,” Baio explains, “while still allowing corporations to commercialize that research for whatever they like.”

Andrew Webster2:51 PM UTC
There’s some beautiful stuff to watch and play this weekend.

While the biggest release of the week is probably FIFA 23which, it should be noted, lets you play as Ted Lasso — there are also a handful of gorgeous things to watch and play. Kid Cudi’s visual album Entergalactic is on Netflix, as is the dreamy roguelike Desta: The Memories Between. And if you have an Apple Arcade subscription, the service just got the stunning adventure Gris (pictured below) which originally launched in 2018. Also: maybe don’t watch Blonde.