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Google gives the Pixel camera superhuman night vision

Fallout 76 players are helping newbies by acting like NPCs

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The world’s weights are being redefined

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New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says Amazon shouldn’t be receiving tax breaks for HQ2

Google Maps will let you chat with businesses

An Italian volcano’s massive eruptions fit a pattern — and the cycle may have restarted

Instagram starts rolling out dashboard that shows how much time you spend on it

took long enough

The iPhone X can be hacked to pull your recently deleted files

The Verge Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Many wonderful things that would make great presents

The Nokia 106 feature phone has a 1.8-inch screen that’s perfect for Snake

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Faraday Future employees sue investor over ‘conspiracy’ to destroy the EV startup

LG’s featherweight Gram may stretch to a MacBook-beating 17 inches

Nikon’s Z6 mirrorless camera launches on November 16th for $2,000

Human rights groups want Facebook to offer ‘due process’ for takedowns