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Google is trying to reinvent search — by being more than a search engine

The internet is more visual and more interactive than ever. So how does the world’s biggest search engine change to fit the times? By redefining the whole idea.

David PierceSep 28

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Jay PetersTwo hours ago
Amazon is raising wages for its warehouse workers and delivery drivers.

Average starting pay is going up from $18 per hour to “more than” $19 per hour starting next month. The company is raising pay ahead of another union election; warehouse workers in Albany recently filed to unionize, and the union vote will be held in October.

Richard LawlerSep 28
That NFT thing... it’s not looking good is it?

Call them NFTs, try to hide them by changing the name to digital collectibles, or do whatever you want to do — this doesn’t look like the sales activity chart of something that people are actually interested in as a product.