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Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL review: more than the sum of its sensors

Colorado drops its T-Mobile-Sprint lawsuit after Dish agrees to house headquarters in the state

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15-inch review: it’s a bigger Surface Laptop

Why spacesuit design choices — not women’s physiques — delayed the first all-female spacewalk

Listen to The Vergecast live in San Francisco with guests from Instagram and the Pixel camera team

TikTok removes two dozen ISIS propaganda accounts

Google’s Nest Mini is a great-sounding upgrade over the Home Mini

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review: I wish this looked like a Surface Pro X

It sure looks like a Surface Pro

Serato’s new versions of its DJ software are compatible with macOS Catalina

Nearly two-thirds of Uber customers don’t tip their drivers

Netflix tracks shows by measuring ‘starters,’ ‘watchers,’ and ‘completers’

NordVPN reveals server breach that could have let attacker monitor traffic

New ‘Watch Parties’ feature lets streamers watch Amazon Prime with their viewers on Twitch

In the land of the oversaturated, content is still king

Facebook will label false posts more clearly as part of an effort to prevent 2020 election interference

Netflix’s apocalyptic teen comedy Daybreak is an exhausting sugar rush

Steam now lets you play local multiplayer games with friends over the internet

How to remap your Chromebook’s keyboard

Google’s older Pixels won’t get the Pixel 4’s dual exposure and Live HDR+ features

Security researchers expose new Alexa and Google Home vulnerability

HTC now has an entry-level blockchain phone

Google to update Pixel 4 face unlock with eye detection ‘in the coming months`

How Pebble smartwatches are getting a second life

11 new trailers you should watch this week

Salesforce CEO hates Section 230, but his lawyers sure don’t

Motorola may add flashy Moto E6 Play to its budget lineup, according to leaked renders

Kik Messenger will live on after Kik sells it to focus on cryptocurrency

Kik had previously announced it would shut down Kik Messenger

You can now subscribe to Twitch streamers on iOS, if you pay the Apple tax

Blizzard is banning people in its Hearthstone Twitch chat for spamming pro-Hong Kong statements

AOC and Ted Cruz call out Apple for dropping Hong Kong app in joint letter

Wing’s delivery drones take flight for the first time in Virginia

There’s a new Banana Phone, and it can play ‘Bananaphone’

Google can’t even get full RCS support for the Pixel 4

Netflix’s Living With Yourself fuses sitcom humor with high-tech anxiety

Disney’s three-hour Disney+ trailer proves that all those movies it tweeted are real

Harley-Davidson resumes production of first electric motorcycle after charging issue

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Trump just got fact-checked from space, again

Boeing reportedly misled FAA about safety of its grounded 737 Max jets

Imgur won’t support Reddit’s NSFW communities anymore because they put its ‘business at risk’

Let the image links be unbroken

‘It was a learning curve for everyone’: Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse’s tech experiments

Latest macOS Catalina beta hints at new 16-inch MacBook Pro

Here’s how Google Pixel Buds 2 and its wireless earbud competition actually look in your ear

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Before HBO’s Watchmen, stream V for Vendetta, the best Alan Moore adaptation

Vergecast: Pixel 4 hands-on and Mark Zuckerberg’s speech on free speech

Ikea’s Fyrtur smart blinds start to arrive in the US, but only in retail stores

The Hydrogen One is now only $645, which is $645 more than you should spend on it