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How Congress missed another chance to hold big tech accountable

Why we might want the school day to start later

Intel unveils Foveros 3D chip stacking and new 10nm ‘chiplets’

Machine learning could help figure out what pooped on your produce

Small satellite launcher Rocket Lab is poised to send up its first batch of spacecraft for NASA

The 20 best TV series of 2018

RCS: What it is and why you might want it

Opera launches a cryptocurrency wallet in its Android browser

After prices have fallen

Looks like Apple’s making its own modem to compete with Qualcomm

Epic will let other game developers use Fortnite’s cross-platform tools for free

Google will let Android users donate directly to nonprofits through the Play Store

FCC approves new text message rules, giving carriers more power

LG officially announces its ultralight 17-inch Gram laptop

And hefty price tags

Nvidia Shield TV gets Amazon Music and a $30 holiday discount

Congress thinks Google has a bias problem — does it?

The AI boom is happening all over the world, and it’s accelerating quickly

Blizzard’s Overwatch League will have its first home games in Atlanta, Dallas, and LA next year

Caviar’s combined iPhone XS / Apple Watch fever dream could be yours for $21,050

Djay relaunched on iOS with subscription model and powerful performance features

Amazon warehouse workers push to unionize in NYC

The five emoji skin tone options don’t accommodate a diverse world

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