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Say hello to Astro, Alexa on wheels

Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos: ‘you cannot sue your way to the Moon’

Sable is an adventure made from the most chill parts of Breath of the Wild

Amazon’s race to create the disappearing computer

Here’s the deluge of announcements from Amazon’s fall devices event

Most people aren’t accessing their medical records on their phones

Netflix scoops up Oxenfree developer Night School

Trouble in the Club(house)

Plus, Bad Blood: The Final Chapter download numbers

Amazon’s Astro cannot fetch your beer

Elon Musk slams Biden as ‘not the friendliest’ after White House EV summit snub

Elon Musk: ‘we probably don’t need’ NDAs for Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta

Amazon Astro is ‘terrible’ and will ‘throw itself down’ stairs, developers reportedly claim

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Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck took me to the top of the mountain

I got to see if the R1T’s performance matches its specs

Facebook’s research on kids even considered turning playdates into growth drivers

You can now queue to purchase a PS5 at Sony (update: sold out)

Elon Musk, live at the Code Conference


iPad Mini 2021 review: a little different

The middle child of the iOS lineup

Apple says the iPad Mini’s jelly scrolling isn’t a problem that needs to be fixed

Fortnite’s upcoming global music series will have an interactive experience for each artist

Tesla asks owners to share fewer clips of ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta mistakes

Echoes of the Eye injects a mystifying and scary microcosm into Outer Wilds

Amazon’s Alexa Together wants to help you care for family remotely

Netflix’s mobile gaming platform spreads to Spain, Italy

John Carreyrou’s final chapter on Theranos

Covering the blood testing startup in print and audio

Now you can pay Ring $99 a month to watch your cameras for you

‘Hey Disney’ is a custom voice assistant coming to Echo devices in 2022

A Disney custom voice assistant

Ring’s security drone could be flying in your home soon

Sling TV coming to all existing Echo Show devices

Join us for On The Verge: our exciting 10-year birthday party in New York City

Verge editors, a bunch of special guests, and you

Amazon will let you teach Alexa to recognize and respond to sounds and detect occupancy

Amazon’s new Echo Show 15 is meant to hang on your wall

Amazon takes on Nest with a $59.99 smart thermostat

Microsoft opens its Windows store up to third-party app stores

We want to see your internet bill

The Verge is partnering with Consumer Reports for a new project about internet costs