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Japanese startup plans to test an experimental battery on the Moon

Lucid Motors is working on an electric SUV that may debut this year

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. S9 vs. S10: should you upgrade?

Consumer Reports reverses itself again, no longer recommends Tesla Model 3

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring

Wi-Fi 6: is it really that much faster?

The Galaxy Fold makes no sense as a consumer device yet

The Galaxy S10 camera doesn’t look like a big step forward

It’s been a while since Samsung led the Android camera world

SpaceX launched a trio of spacecraft, including a lander bound for the Moon

Mystery FCC filing probably isn’t a new Google Wifi

Japanese spacecraft successfully touches down on an asteroid, grabbing a sample of dust

Spectrum has a streaming service that’s basically its cable package for $15 a month

Samsung will extend Bixby button remapping to premium Galaxy phones running Android Pie

At long last

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, starting at $899

More speed, more screen, more battery, more cameras

Ricoh’s GRIII street photography compact goes on sale next month for $899

Google will end forced arbitration for employees in all disputes

Corsair made new RAM sticks featuring its tiniest LED lights yet

Free Galaxy Buds with S10 preorders, and 4K streaming sticks are discounted for the Oscars

AT&T pulls ads from YouTube over predatory comments on videos of children

CDC confirms that the false ballistic missile alarm in Hawaii pissed people off

Apple draws up a blueprint for the foldable iPhone