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On smartphone cameras, the Seattle Mariners, and disappointment

Even the best teams and the most cutting-edge technology will let you down sometimes

Allison Johnson2:00 PM UTC

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Emma RothTwo hours ago
Activision Blizzard sheds another executive.

The game maker’s chief compliance officer, Frances Townsend, is stepping down a little over a year after rampant sexual assault allegations surfaced at the company. Townsend will instead serve as an advisor to the board and the embattled Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

Last year, Townsend stepped down from her role as the company’s women’s network sponsor after hundreds of employees criticized her response to workers’ harrowing reports, as she claimed it painted an “untrue picture.”

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Emma Roth6:24 PM UTC
Avoiding accountability in AI.

Instead of scraping potentially copyrighted photos and videos from the web and using them to train an AI model themselves, Waxy’s Andy Baio says companies like Google and Meta often have non-commercial groups do it for them.

That’s because nonprofits and academic groups provide a “more favorable legal case for a ‘fair use’ exemption to copyright law,” Baio explains, “while still allowing corporations to commercialize that research for whatever they like.”