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Bing meets BlackBerry; Microsoft's baby will be default search engine on RIM devices

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Steve Ballmer just took the stage at BlackBerry World 2011 to let all of humanity know that the new default maps and search options on future (and present?) BlackBerry devices would be Bing. Yes, Bing. The first devices with the embedded service -- this isn't just an option, the search will apparently be integrated at an OS level -- are expected to ship for this holiday season. At the event, Ballmer stated that Microsoft would "Invest uniquely in the BlackBerry platform."

The company is also getting behind BlackBerry Enterprise Server in a big way, and will be pushing the service to its enterprise clients -- a notable shift since that's a market where Redmond makes most of its cash. We're keeping our eye on the news, and will let you know if any other crazy, wonderful things happen!

Image via @dcseifert