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HP Veer 4G launching on AT&T May 15th for $99.99

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AT&T has just announced that it'll be carrying HP's diminutive Veer -- the spiritual successor to the Pixi -- beginning May 15th for $99.99 on a new two-year contract. Of course, this is AT&T, which means that the phone is getting a slight name change in the process: it'll actually be called the "Veer 4G" thanks to its support for full HSPA at launch (though no HSPA+). This isn't the muscular device in HP's summer phone lineup -- that title would go to the upcoming Pre 3 -- but I've spent some time with the Veer in months past and I suspect AT&T will be able to sell a few on the novelty factor alone. Seriously, it's tiny. Powerful? With an 800MHz MSM7230 processor and a tiny 400 x 320 display, not by 2011 standards -- but it's definitely one of the smallest phones you've ever seen.