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Google updates Android Market with new discovery features

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It wasn't all just Chrome OS and Chromebooks today at Google I/O -- the company also quietly introduced a new version of Android Market for the web and phones that's designed to greatly improve app discovery. The top apps charts are new fresher and country-specific, and Google's added top grossing, top new free, and top new paid lists so users can see the newest and most popular apps. There's also a new Editor's Choice list that's picked by the Android Market staff and a new Top Developers list, both of which feel like they're designed to compete with the curated experiences of the Amazon Appstore and Apple's iPhone App Store. There's also better related apps algorithm that shows you both apps others have browsed and apps others have installed, and lastly there's a new trending apps list which shows apps that are quickly growing in popularity. Oh, and on top of all this, the Market app for phones has a refreshed UI. Not bad for flying under the radar here at I/O.

The new features are available now on and the new Market app should hit phones soon -- but alas, there's no word on whether these improvements will come to Honeycomb tablets or when we'll see Market launch for the Google TV. But hey, we'll take what we can get. We're angling for a hands-on so check back soon.