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This is my next Podcast, live at 6:45PM ET / 11:45 PM GMT!

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It's been all Google all week in the tech world, and Josh, Paul, and Nilay are here to break it all down. Chrome OS, Honeycomb, Android, Google Music Beta, Frankenberry, Dino-Pebbles -- it's all on the list. Oh, and Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion dollars, which is something Google did not do. We'll talk about that too! We'll be live at 6:45PM ET / 11:45PM GMT, but the chat below is open, so get comfy!

And there's not just one, but two podcast bingo games up and running at and! And if, like a certain podcast host, you're still not clear on how to play bingo, definitely check out, which went live today!