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ASUS and Acer Honeycomb tablets to get Android 3.1 in early June

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Motorola's Xoom may have been the first tablet to get a helping of Google's updated Android 3.1, but the other Honeycomb tablets won't have to wait long. Both ASUS and Acer have confirmed that their respective 10.1-inch, Tegra 2-powered Android tablets will be getting the update in early June. That's right, both the Iconia Tab A500 and Eee Pad Transformer will be sent an over-the-air update at the beginning of next month. For those that didn't read our hands-on with the new OS, 3.1 adds the ability to stretch widgets, improves performance, and includes support for USB peripherals. As for the latter, Acer promises an update for that even before the 3.1 rolls out and we actually noted that support was native on the Transformer's keyboard dock. So, what about that remaining Honeycomb tablet -- the LG G-Slate? LG nor T-Mobile would give us a firm time frame on the 3.1 update, but they did promise that it was "coming soon." Either way, it's very nice to know that these tablets will be getting refreshed very soon -- hey, maybe Google wasn't lying about its plans to improve updates after all!