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Sony pulls PlayStation Network login pages after password recovery exploit found

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No, Sony wasn't hacked again, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to double check for any erroneous emails about your PlayStation Network password being changed. First reported by Nyleveia (as best as I can tell, at least), an exploit was found on the PSN password change page that would allow someone to change your password (and thus gain control of the account) with only the connected email address and date of birth. The exploit is already gone; Sony pulled the pages for maintenance and it looks like there's no way to sign in to the PlayStation website right now. And though the exploit was proven to work, no one's come forward to say they've been a victim. Still, as you might've heard, someone out there has your personal data (care of the PSN server breach), so check your email again for suspicious PSN "password changed" emails, and if you want to go the extra mile, change the email address that was originally tied to your account (when the site goes live again, that is).

In happier news, here's what you can expect from the Welcome Back program, available when the PlayStation Store gets restored later this month.

[Via Eurogamer and NeoGAF]