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This is my next Podcast 007 - 05.20.2011

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timn podcast
timn podcast

Hello!, and welcome to the last-ever This is my next Podcast podcast.  Just kidding, it's totally not the last one, but since it's number seven it got us thinking about superstition / astrology and we were trying to make a what-are-you-making-for-your-apocalypse-potluck joke, but then the whole thing just devolved into Josh waxing poetic about his Huffy and Nilay waxing Night Court on copyright law for the last 300 hours of the newest edition of the This is my next Podcast podcast while Paul, Chris, Joanna, and all of the people in the chat room / bingo hall fell asleep.  Other than that, it's really good like usual.

Song: Losing My Religion