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Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky to take stage at D9 -- will we finally see a Windows 8 demo?

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There are going to be loads of technology luminaries and leaders speaking at the annual All Things D conference next week, but conference organizer Kara Swisher just announced a very big addition to the roster: Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky. Sure, it's just another name on an already-impressive list, but this one has a bunch of lightbulbs going off, especially surrounding Windows 8 (or Windows Next, depending on the rumors). There's no telling what Sinofsky will be talking about, but there's absolutely no way Walt and Kara would miss an opportunity to ask the Windows king about the future of the platform and Redmond's forthcoming tablet strategy. However, something tells us that we may get more than just talk. Microsoft's been known to unveil and heavily tease products at the big conference (there was Bing and the Zune HD back in 2009) and it has been heavily rumored that Microsoft would demo Windows 8 for tablets in June.

On top of all that, the conference takes place at the very same time as the Computex tradeshow in Taipei, which has typically been a Microsoft and Intel centric show. (The Computex Microsoft keynote, which will be delivered by Steven Guggenheimer, is scheduled for June 1st.) The pieces sure do seem to be falling together -- we will be bringing you All Things D liveblogs all next week, so you can expect some solid answers very soon!

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