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Live today from D9: HP's Leo Apotheker, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky, and Nokia's Stephen Elop!

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You ready for a bunch of piping hot liveblogs? Eric Schmdit might have warmed up the red chairs last night, but things are just getting underway at D9 today and the lineup is, well, insane! We're planning to liveblog the big ones so keep your eyes glued to the links below.

Apotheker liveblog right here!

First up, at around 11:30 AM PST / 2:30 PM EST, HP CEO Leo Apotheker will take the stage. Will we finally get a TouchPad release date? More details on webOS integration across HP products? You'll want to hit the link above around that time to find out.

Sinofsky liveblog right here!

Next up at around 3:50 PM PST / 6:50 PM EST is Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky. We're fairly confident that he'll be talking Windows 8 and tablets, but we'll all know for sure in a couple of hours...

Elop liveblog right here!

Oh no, it doesn't end there. Following Sinofsky (probably around 4:45 PM PST / 7:45 PM EST), Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will take a seat in one of those comfy chairs. It's bound to be a good one with plenty of Windows Phone 7 and burning platform questions...

Very important note: The times may change slightly as the conference seems to be running slightly behind schedule. Your best bet is to just watch the links and our tweets!