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Leaked Motorola site redesign shows Xoom 2, Slimline, Zaha, Pearl, and Tracy XL wristwatch?

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Pocketnow has published purported images of a redesigned Motorola Mobility website showing what appear to be a number of upcoming phone, tablet, and watch (yes, watch) models. Well, they had published purported images yesterday -- which were subsequently pulled at Motorola's request. Though I don't know, my assumption is that they received the images from a tipster -- if they'd found the web pages themselves on a publicly-accessible site belonging to Motorola, it would've been an awfully tall order to have them forcibly removed. Of course, that's a tricky situation for any company dealing with a leak, since making an effort to get the content pulled is a thinly-veiled confirmation that the leak has some basis in reality.

So, what do we have here? First up, the "Slimline" and "Zaha" look like next-gen keyboardless Android phones with the taglines "thin is still in" and "the future, now," respectively. There aren't any specs to go on, but you can gather from the Slimline name that it's going to be a svelte piece -- well under 9mm, I'd imagine, considering the 2011 definition of "thin" for  smartphone. Zaha (pictured here below and to the right of Slimline) looks like it's got more of an organic, curved case; both models look large and flat enough to rest on the higher end of Motorola's product spectrum. "Pearl" makes an appearance in the lower right -- and considering the extra bezel, we're assuming this would fall toward the low end.

There's also mention of the Xoom 2 -- you can see it in the lower left -- which looks like a slightly kinder, gentler design than the Xoom with broadly curved corners. As with everything else here, we're in the dark on specs, but we'd guess Moto might be targeting Ice Cream Sandwich for the launch on that one.

And here's my personal favorite: a wristwatch dubbed "Tracy XL" -- an homage to Dick Tracy, naturally -- though it's not clear whether this is an actual phone or, much more likely, a phone accessory in the same vein as Sony Ericsson's LiveView and its older Bluetooth watches.

Not to be a wet blanket, but some caution is definitely required here -- I don't really doubt that the screen shots are real, but they feel like early frameworks using rough product renders (some of which might be made up by the web design team as placeholders) that are likely many months out from release, assuming they're actual products. With the exception of Xoom 2, all of these names feel manufactured, too -- codenames at best, made-up words at worst. It's also possible that the screens were leaked not from within Motorola, but from a web design firm with limited visibility into the company's concrete roadmap.

But hey, Motorola -- real or not, sign me up for a couple Tracy XLs. Stainless steel and black, please.

[Via Android and Me]