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Motorola Droid 3 shows up in leaked video tutorials

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Probably not a great time to buy a Droid 2 Global, huh? Rumors of the Droid 3 have been in the pipeline for some time, but it's looking awfully close to release now that handful of official video tutorials for the phone have seemingly leaked onto YouTube via German site PhonePads. The videos don't reveal anything breathtaking -- they cover device basics, contacts, and typing -- but you do get a quick glance at that lovely five-row keyboard (a Droid first), the HDMI-out, and the 8 megapixel camera around back. By all appearances, the hardware is a bit more significant of an evolution than the Droid 2 was from the original Droid, but it's still an evolution -- you can recognize the phone's roots, particularly with the overhanging "chin" thanks to the unequally-sized top and bottom halves. Check out the full videos below.