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Microsoft announces new Xbox Live dashboard: voice controls, YouTube, Bing, and live TV!

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At the E3 keynote Microsoft just dropped its all new Xbox Live dashboard into our laps. The slick new tile-heavy interface (think: Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8) has Kinect voice search powered by Bing, which extends universally across Netflix, Hulu, games and movies — all at the same time. (You can search "X-Men," for example, and get video selections and the game adaptation of Wolverine.)

They've also outed Xbox Live TV which will bring (you guessed it) live streaming TV with content partnerships (like Canal+, Sky TV and Foxtel). Oh, and YouTube is also hitting Xbox Live in the fall, which is when the refresh arrives. We're on the edge of our seats to see some video of the voice search in action, and we'll be updating with more information on this very welcome overhaul as we get it.

This is a developing story. Follow the action on our liveblog right here!