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We're looking for interns!

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That's right, your wildest dreams could be about to come true. We're looking for several interns to help us out on a day to day basis. We can tell you it won't be an easy job, but it will be fun. See our requirements below, and good luck!

Intern, New York City

  • You must be in New York City or a very short (think less than half an hour) commute away. This is non-negotiable so if you live elsewhere, it's not going to work out this time. The bulk of your work time will be spent in Manhattan.
  • You should love gadgets and technology.
  • You should be available at least 20 hours per week (more is great!), and those hours must be between the hours of 8:00 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If you're available other times, that's great too, but we're looking for people whose main availability is during the week.
  • You should be an ambitious hard worker. We know everyone says this, but it's really very important.

If you're interested, send us a short, simple email describing your background, availability, interests, and location to with the word 'intern' in the subject.