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    Motorola Xoom 4G for Verizon in the works?

    Motorola Xoom 4G for Verizon in the works?

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    Earlier this week, Verizon posted a promotional video on its official YouTube account showing a woman using a Xoom... except it's not quite a Xoom: the camera configuration is different and the Verizon logo is placed differently, among other nuances. What could it be? A faked-up generic tablet made just for the commercial? A quad-core Xoom 2? Something in between?

    Well, for the moment, "something in between" is looking like the leading candidate. Android Central is citing an unnamed source saying that the device in question is known as the Xoom 4G -- an homage to built-in LTE, of course -- and that it's currently being tested internally by Verizon. It seems a bit early for a quad-core Honeycomb tablet to hit the market, but apart from a mild design facelift, it's unclear what Motorola might have tweaked here; if anything, this might just be a running change that would launch in place of an original Xoom with built-in LTE. If that's the case, early adopters sending in their units for LTE upgrades would be the only ones using the old design.

    Interestingly, even though it's already in advertising, the site's source says this refreshed Xoom 4G isn't a sure thing. Verizon's no stranger to canceling devices that are already in the pipe: you might remember the HTC Merge, which was spotted many, many months ago in Verizon livery but never ended up making it beyond regional carriers. At any rate, if this makes it to launch and it's anything more than a simple ID refresh, we can imagine current Xoom owners being pretty bummed about getting outmoded so quickly.