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Nokia N9 Lankku leaks out in images and renders

Nokia N9 Lankku leaks out in images and renders

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If you're among those waiting for Nokia to lay down a proper MeeGo powered phone, take a good long look at the two images above. On the left, one of two renders Pocketnow identifies as press images of the Nokia N9, a replacement for the likely-canceled N9-00. On the right, Engadget's leak of the Nokia Lankku. A nice pair, no?

The Lankku (possibly the N9-01, depending on Nokia's whim) will apparently run Harmattan, which comes as little surprise: Nokia's been talking about the Maemo-infused MeeGo variant as recently as May's MeeGo Conference in San Francisco -- and if it wasn't in this device, we're not sure where else it'd go. The hardware here is rumored to be just a little thicker than an iPhone 4 and feature 960x540 resolution plus an 8-megapixel shooter with autofocus. The rumored landing date is sometime in Q3 for European customers.

We are hoping to hear more details from CEO Stephen Elop tomorrow at Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore, which Nokia hints will be "the launchpad for a global launch." also spotted the "Nokia N9 - Lannku" in the source code for Nokia's Vietnam site, so an announcement looks pretty likely. Hopefully said announcements will include a solid ship date and a little more clarity on Nokia's plans for Harmattan and MeeGo.

Meanwhile, we'll do our best to avoid imagining this hardware running Windows Phone - some things are just too distracting.