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HTC Glamor: more evidence that HTC is going after the ladies

HTC Glamor: more evidence that HTC is going after the ladies

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Remember a few months ago when we reported that HTC was holding focus groups with women and working on a phone specifically for those with XX chromosomes? Well, just add the shot above of the leaked HTC Glamor to the pile of mounting evidence. Pocketnow doesn't have all that much info on the so-called Glamor — it was pulled from a short promotional ad — but it's extremely clear from its moniker, the pictured closet hangers, and the bright colors that the handset isn't targeted at dark and tough Droid lovers.

Now, we'd love to say that the Glamor is the Bliss that we had previously reported on, but our source tells us that it looks quite a bit different. We're told that the back and texture look different, although, the size and shape look similar. On top of that, there's no mention of an LED charm indicator or the "comfortable to hold" rubber, greenish shell, which we heard would be Bliss features. We're still doing some digging of our own here, but we can very confidently conclude one thing: HTC is thinking hard (though we're not sure wisely) about how to get more Android / Sense handsets in purses.