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Skype for iPad demo video leaks, silently

Skype for iPad demo video leaks, silently

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Looks like Skype is getting ready to release an official video chat app for the iPad 2, something the company hinted would be coming sometime this summer. Here's another hint: Skype purportedly posted a demo video on their YouTube channel and then took it down, but not before reader Shason caught a silent video of it.

The interface here looks pretty nice (and a darn sight better than the latest Mac version) and looks to have the features you'd expect: camera swapping, full-screen video, integrated messaging that can pop up over your call, and reasonably snappy animation. The disclaimer on the video notes that "Actual video and audio call quality may vary based on the speed and quality of your WiFi or 3G connection. Operator charges may apply." That leads us to believe that it will support video calling over 3G, but whether carriers will let that happen is likely another matter. Catch the video below.

Update: TUAW spoke with Skype VP of Consumer and product design Rick Osterloh, who wouldn't give away the release date but did note that the app should be approved "soon" and that Apple has been "super supportive." The app should have roughly the same feature set as the iPhone version, meaning that desktop features like file sharing won't be supported.

Thanks Shason!