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Motorola working on another portrait QWERTY Android phone for Sprint?

Motorola working on another portrait QWERTY Android phone for Sprint?

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Sprint just recently released the Motorola XPRT, a clone of Verizon's Droid Pro that features global roaming, a smallish HVGA display, and a portrait QWERTY keyboard -- needless to say, it's going after the BlackBerry-equipped corporate types, not media-loving consumers. Well, a shot over on The Pop Herald today suggests that the XPRT isn't the only portrait QWERTY device from Moto in Sprint's product pipeline, though details are slim on this one: about all we know is that it's apparently running Android 2.3.

From the shot, you can clearly see that Motorola's going for a kinder, gentler, more curved look with this one -- put it side by side with the XPRT and you'll see what I mean (it almost looks like a non-slider version of the Spice that was announced late last year). If you dial up the contrast on your display, you'll see the Sprint logo silkscreened right below the capacitive buttons between the display and keyboard. From the look, my guess is that this one's small and cheap -- but that would seem to make it more appropriate for Sprint subsidiaries Boost and Virgin, especially considering that the XPRT's already down to a relatively cheap $130 on contract. Then again, Sprint could price this up against the Samsung Replenish and LG Optimus S, both of which are currently free with a two-year deal. Can't have too many free phones on the menu, can you?

[Thanks, Bogus]