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This is my next Podcast 013 - 07.01.2011

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timn podcast
timn podcast

Don't even mess around like you're not already cruising around town with the top down and your 1/8-inch -> tape adapter in the deck, jamming hard to this week's super-unlucky This is my next Podcast podcast. We know you're messing around because there's just no way you'd ever put off listening to the classic three-piece lineup we're dealing with here: JT, NP, and PM: just the bare-bones dudes, crankin' out the real and raw tech chat you crave and rely upon to reference while impressing your industry analyst buddies at the water cooler, your grandpa with the iStuff at the nursing home, and your grand-tween with the 2.0'd version of carpal tunnel s/he got from playing too much FaceVille Plus outside the movie. We know you're messing around because you need us to help you impress all of them with the absolutely singular tech knowledge we drop on your right here, each and every week, on the This is my next Podcast Podcast. Just do everyone a favor and don't even mess around like that, allright?

Song: Take Me Home