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Verizon confirms death of unlimited data on July 7th, four new tiers from $10 to $80 (update: only three tiers forsmartphones)

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Verizon hasn't been beating around the bush on this one -- in fact, it's practically been shouting from hilltops for the better part of a year that unlimited data on smartphones would be going away. What we didn't have, though, was official information on the cutoff date and the tiered data plans that would be launching in its place. Well, here we go: a Verizon spokesperson has confirmed those details to FierceWireless, and this Thursday, July 7th will be the day that limitless data rides off into the sunset -- for new customers, anyway. Fortunately, they're saying that customers currently on unlimited plans will be able to keep them as they upgrade devices.

As for tiers, Verizon will offer four: a scant 75MB for $10, $30 for 2GB, $50 for 5GB, and $80 for 10GB. Tethering will run $20 extra and include an additional 2GB in the bucket, not unlike AT&T's setup -- though AT&T is charging $5 less for the basic 2GB plan. If you're currently on unlimited data and want to continue tethering beyond the 7th, you're looking at $30 a month.

Paying more for less product never sits well with anyone, but at least Verizon let everyone know many months in advance that this doomsday was coming -- and hopefully, it'll push AT&T to offer a couple higher buckets for heavy users. Meanwhile, Sprint and T-Mobile still have your back if you need more gigabytes for less cash.

Update: Phil from FierceWireless wrote to let us know they had a small error in their original story -- the 75MB / $10 plan is strictly for feature phones and won't be available with smartphones. Smart idea, considering your average smartphone can blow through 75MB in a few minutes these days.