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This is my next Podcast 014 - 07.09.2011

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timn podcast
timn podcast

It's the This is my Next Podcast Podcast!  A silly, crazy, and fun/funny world where Paul and Nilay deep-dive on the hard tech issues of the week while Josh sips his vodka-soda, makes sweeping generalizations about life every 15 - 20 minutes, and then moves on to the next topic, all with alarming/disarming aplomb.  It's like a big LARPing forum for your BBS...but better.

[The Podcast Producer would sincerely love to blame Sprint and the internet service providers at LaGuardia and Reagan airports for the delay in posting the podcast, but he is a self-flagellating podcast producer so he'll just say, sincerely, "I'm sorry." - ed.]

Song: Rio