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Android 3.2 starts rolling out to Wi-Fi Xooms

Android 3.2 starts rolling out to Wi-Fi Xooms

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We'd been promised Android 3.2 for the Wi-Fi Xoom would be coming "in the next few weeks," and it's right on time -- the newest version of Honeycomb is rolling out to Xoom owners right now, and various open-source bits of the code have been released to the Android Open Source Project by Google. (That's not to say that Honeycomb itself has finally been open-sourced, just the parts Google is required to release.)

We won't be able to test that new 7-inch tablet support in 3.2 until August when Huawei and others release new devices, but we're told that the version hitting the Xoom right now does include the new screen-zooming feature for phone apps, as well long-awaited support for the SD card slot. We're refreshing our various Xooms like mad right now to get the update, and we'll let you know if we find anything else -- won't you do the same?

Source: Android Building Google Group, Via: Android Central