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Motorola Xoom LTE module hits the FCC

Motorola Xoom LTE module hits the FCC

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The long-awaited LTE hardware upgrade for the Motorola Xoom is inching ever-closer. The module to enable 4G on the tablet has just landed in the FCC's database, which means it shouldn't be too much longer before you're able to send your Xoom in to have it "professionally installed" and returned to you along with the manual's stern warning that the new module "is not intended to be accessible or serviceable by the end user. [...] It is intended for use solely in this mobile device and can not be removed and installed into another device."

Motorola and Verizon had originally promised the upgrade would come "shortly after launch," but subsequently pushed it back to this summer to be released alongside the Droid Bionic. That redesigned Droid Bionic is finally set and coming soon if Best Buy's ad can be believed, so this summer looks likely for both. In the meantime, be sure to grab the Android 3.2 upgrade for your Motorola Xoom - you can't get LTE yet, but at least you can get that SD slot working.

Source: FCC; via Wireless Goodness