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    HP TouchPad 4G announced for AT&T with faster processor

    HP TouchPad 4G announced for AT&T with faster processor

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    HP has just announced the TouchPad 4G for AT&T. The big surprise is that this version sports a faster 1.5GHz processor -- compared to the WiFi-only TouchPad's 1.2GHz. Although the (soon-to-be-rebranded) HP Palm Blog doesn't specify what kind of "4G" this TouchPad uses, it's a safe bet that we are looking at "4G" on AT&T's HSPA network and not an LTE device. This version comes with 32GB of storage and GPS.

    While HP has not given pricing or availability beyond letting us know it will be "available in time for back to school." It's a safe bet that it will come after a promised software update to speed up the sluggishness we saw in our TouchPad review - an update that HP exec Todd Bradley said would be coming in "about 10 days." The pressure's on new webOS SVP Stephen DeWitt to execute on that update, the TouchPad 4G release, and getting that Pre 3 out the door.

    It definitely feels pretty crazy for HP to be releasing a spec-bumped TouchPad so soon after the original - one wonders if it's a tacit admission that people within HP were as unhappy with the TouchPad's performance as early reviewers. In any case, one thing seems eminently clear: webOS fans, your new home is AT&T.

    Source: HP Palm Blog

    Update: HP has just dropped the press release for the device, which confirms that the "TouchPad 4G is an HSPA+ Category 14 device that supports download speed of up to 21Mbps" but as you might expect, those speed will be hard to come by, as "AT&T 4G speeds delivered by HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul and are available in limited areas." It looks as though customers will be able to choose either prepaid or postpaid plans, so a long-term contract isn't going to be required.