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AT&T picks up Sony's S2 tablet as exclusive in US, will offer '4G' data and WiFi hotspot access

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Sony is being exceedingly polite in letting all the other companies put out Android tablets first: it's been holding the door open since its April announcement of the S1 and S2 tablets. Now AT&T is announcing that at least the dual-screen Sony Tablet S2 (still a codename) will be coming to its network exclusively in the US, with AT&T offering cleverly-branded HSPA+ data in the form of monthly plans. Details are short in AT&T's press release, but there are good odds they'll match up with the just-announced HP TouchPad 4G. AT&T also has Sony's PlayStation Vita in its quickly expanding stable. Sadly, there's still no word on a price or release date for either of Sony's tablets (pre-orders for the S1 will begin in September... in the UK), and the tease is wearing thin -- the S2 was leaked in February of this year.