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WSJ: Amazon tablet coming by October, touchscreen Kindle also in the pipe

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We've been hearing whispers of an Amazon tablet (or line of tablets) for quite a while, but the now the Wall Street Journal is chiming in with an oh-so-important piece of the puzzle: a timeframe. According to the publication, Amazon's initial offering will come running an unidentified version of Android in a nine-inch form factor by October, without any of the cameras we've come to expect on these slate devices. Unsurprisingly, the Journal mentions that Amazon's various music, movie, book, and app stores will be available on the device, and positions the integrated offering direcly against the iPad and Apple's suite of services. The report goes on to mention two updated Kindle offerings that'll unfortunately still be of the black and white variety, though one will apparently sport a touchscreen. That's all we've got to work off of for now, but hey, October isn't too far away now is it?

Source: WSJ