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Android reaches 130 million devices, growing by 550,000 a day

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Google announced on its second quarter earnings call today that Android is now on some 130 million devices worldwide -- a 30 million boost from the number announced at Google I/O back in May. Additionally, they're saying that they're activating over half a million additional devices each and every day (550,000, to be exact), which compares to the 500,000 that Android chief Andy Rubin announced on June 28th and 400,000 at I/O. In other words: it's a pretty solid rate of growth -- and growth of the growth (the second derivative, for you math nerds out there).

For comparison, Apple touted that some 200 million iOS devices sold at WWDC last month, so they're not at parity quite yet. Also, the product mix is distinctly different: Android has but a sliver of the tablet traction that iOS does, so the overwhelming majority of those 130 million devices are phones. Either way -- be it 200 million or 130 million -- that's a daunting hill for competitors like webOS to climb.

Source: Google earnings call, via Silicon Alley Insider