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    Netflix on the Nintendo 3DS: hands-on

    Netflix on the Nintendo 3DS: hands-on

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    The wait is over: Nintendo today announced that it's finally bringing Netflix to the 3DS via a free app, available for download in the eShop right now. This means that US citizens and Canadians alike can now watch Shutter Island for the 30th time wherever Wi-Fi is available. As you'd expect, the content displays in 2D on the top screen and the familiar two-axis menu UI rests in the bottom screen. Wondering about 3D content? The PR states that "Users will soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can be viewed in 3D," so we've still got a bit of a wait ahead. We've currently got Netflix fired up on our 3DS here in the office, so head past the break for our hands-on!

    As soon as I began tinkering with the 3DS Netflix app, I immediately noticed how simple and clean it is. If you're familiar with using Netflix on a set-top box or console you'll feel right at home -- the 3DS' UI feels very similar, and it's super easy to use. The app takes advantage of the touchscreen and making playback selections is as easy as tapping the screen or pressing a button. Thankfully, there's a scrubber for skipping around that can be activated using either the stylus or the shoulder buttons.

    Video quality is what you'd expect from an 800 x 240 screen -- it's okay, but we prefer something more crisp and less washed out. Loading times (connection dependent) felt normal when using our office Wi-Fi -- once I tapped play, movies began playing after around 10 seconds, and skipping through the film will set you back around five seconds. There's also a search function that, well, allows you to search! We highly recommend using the stylus for accurate input -- the keyboard feels cramped in that bottom screen. Overall, we'd say using the 3DS to stream Netflix is a great alternative for when you're on-the-go, but we can't blame you if you've already canceled your subscription.

    Source: Nintendo PR