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Nokia Sea Ray leaks out in video

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While the first "leak" of Nokia's Sea Ray prototype felt more than a little staged, today's video of the Windows Phone Mango prototype has quite a bit more street cred. Amidst the sounds of a factory in the background, mysterious hands show us some of the hardware highlights on the phone.

After the Sea Ray is removed from a custom case (possibly meant to obscure its looks), we finally get a look at some actual capacitive buttons (which were oddly obscured from view before). There's also a plastic flap covering the microUSB charging port on the top, and a large 7 boot logo that may be a placeholder for OEM branding. There's also a "q" in the boot sequence that's likely there to denote Qualcomm, Nokia's chip vendor of choice for their Windows Phone devices.

Whether or not this video is a sign that we can expect an imminent release is another matter, one which we're sure we'll have more opportunities to ponder. Catch the whole thing after the break.

Source: WPXAP; via wpcentral and ilovewp