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Mac mini updated with new processors and Lion, no more optical drives

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The Mac mini got swept up in Apple's wave of updates this morning as well -- and none of the models come with optical drives anymore. The $599 base mini now includes a 2.3GHz dual-core Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor with integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics, 2GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive, the upgraded $799 model bumps it up to a 2.5GHz dual-core Core i5 with AMD Radeon HD 6630M discrete graphics and 4GB of RAM, and the $999 dual-500GB drive server configuration gets a quad-core 2.0GHz Core i7 with 4GB of RAM and integrated graphics. All the new models have Thunderbolt and come with Lion pre-installed, of course, and available upgrades include available 256GB SSDs, up to 8GB of RAM, and a 2.7GHZ dual-core Core i7 on the $799 variant. The new Mini is available today.