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Verizon CEO on next iPhone: 'that's going to be a little bit later in the year now'

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Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam -- fresh off his promotion from his old job as Verizon Wireless' top man -- took to the airwaves today to discuss the carrier's Q2 financials, and a few interesting tidbits came out of the brief conversation on CNBC. In response to a question about the lack of "revenue acceleration" in the past couple quarters, McAdam said that the goal of driving ARPUs higher is a longer-term play -- not something that's going to happen in the "snapshot" of a single quarter or two. But here's the money quote:

"We had assumed that we would see an iPhone early in the summertime as it's been usually, and that's going to be a little later in the year now..."

Clearly, McAdam would be one of the few guys out there with some hard information on when the next iPhone is actually hitting, and even he'd been hoping it would be out by now. Regardless, considering the language he's using here, the iPhone 4's CDMA reign is looking to be a brief one -- and all the rumors pointing to a fall launch are looking as plausible as ever. Follow the break for CNBC's full interview.

Source: CNBC, via MacRumors