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Asus Eee Pad Transformer to get Honeycomb 3.2 tomorrow

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The Eee Pad Transformer will be getting Android 3.2 tomorrow, according to a tweet from Asus. Since we broke the news that 3.2 was coming to tablets as the last pre-Ice Cream Sandwich update to Honeycomb, Google officially announced 3.2's app zoom feature and Motorola has brought it to the Xoom tablet.

Asus had mentioned that the update was in testing back on July 13th. As for what to expect from the update, the aforementioned app zoom feature should be on board, but beyond that it's a little unclear. This marks the second update in the past few months for the Eee Pad Transformer (after an OTA to 3.1 that bought some speed improvements and USB compatibility), all of which has us feeling even better about the keyboard-toting tablet than we did in our review and Google's device updates.

Source: @Asus; Thanks Les!