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Google TV update: more Logitech Revue boxes returned than sold in Q1, price dropping to $99

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The Google TV-based Logitech Revue may go down in history as the product that forever changed the company. After a dismal Q1 in which the company lost $29.6m and "very modest sales" of the Revue were exceeded by returns of the product, CEO Gerald P. Quindlen is leaving and the Revue itself is being slashed below cost to just $99 -- a move that's costing Logitech some $34m in one-time charges. Logitech says it's taking the hit in order to "remove price as a barrier to broad consumer adoption" of Google TV and increase the installed base, although we're not sure the lower price will fix blocked content and sluggish performance. What's more, we've long had the sense that the planned late-summer Google TV Honeycomb update with Android Market support will come with updated (and possibly ARM-based) hardware, so we'll see if Logitech decides to stick with the Revue or move on to something new. All in all, it seems like the next few months hold serious changes for both Logitech and the Google TV platform -- we'll see what happens.

Source: Logitech Prepared Remarks, Slide Deck