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BlackBerry Torch 9810 confirmed, launching in August (updated)

BlackBerry Torch 9810 confirmed, launching in August (updated)

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If you weren't completely convinced that a BlackBerry Torch successor was headed to AT&T, the proof is right here: Electronista spotted the next-gen sliding smartphone's teaser page at AT&T's consumer website. While we can certainly guess at the full spec sheet, the page confirms that BlackBerry 7 OS will run on the BlackBerry Torch 9810's 1.2GHz processor, and there'll be 8GB of onboard storage for you to fill up with 720p HD video from the smartphone's camera. AT&T's also marketing the new Torch as the carrier's first "4G" BlackBerry, though we'd take that with a grain of salt -- if the rest of the specs line up with rumor as closely as we've heard so far, the 9810 will only be capable of 14.4Mbps HSDPA speeds -- not 4G by a long shot. Find the full teaser page at our source link below.

Update: RIM has now made things fully official and AT&T has said it plans to launch the Torch 9810 this month.

Source: AT&T, via Electronista