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Toshiba updates Thrive tablet, says it's squashed the sleep issues

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When we reviewed the Toshiba Thrive two weeks ago, there were plenty of reasons not to give the 10.1-inch slate full marks, but chief among them was the fact that once the Honeycomb tablet went to sleep, we were never sure whether it would wake up again without a hard reset. There may be nothing the company can do about the device's girth, battery life or general design issues at this point, but we have to give credit where credit is due -- today, Toshiba's promptly issued a software update that claims to fix the issue (or "improve sleep-and-resume performance," to quote the company's email) and let the tablet get its Zs without peril. We've installed the update on our review unit, and will let you know how things go -- should the Thrive stay up-and-at-'em, we'll update our review accordingly.