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HP TouchPad discounted to $399.99 this weekend; Updated x2: $299.99 at Staples

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Has the improved speed and stability in that webOS 3.0.2 TouchPad update got you considering a purchase? HP recommends you wait until tomorrow, when they're changing the existing $50 discount into a $100 price cut, bringing the price down to a reasonable $399.99 between August 5th and 7th. This being HP, there are likely other discounts you could dig up if you're a bargain hunter.

The price cuts represent a hard reality of the tablet market today: HP probably can't get to "number one plus" without undercutting the price of the iPad 2. Of course, it might be smarter to just go ahead and wait a little bit longer for the 1.5GHz TouchPad 4G to be released.

Update: We did say better discounts might be available. For Friday only, you can snap up the TouchPad for $379.99 (plus a $5 shipping charge) over at Woot.

Update 2: HP's $100 discount this weekend looks like it will also happen at local big box stores. webOSroundup has dug up a $100 Staples coupon that customers should be able to stack on top of that for a total of $200 off the original price. That makes for a $299.99 16GB TouchPad and a $399.99 32GB TouchPad. Note that this coupon only works in the store, not online.

Source: HP; via webOSroundup and PreCentral