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This is my next Podcast 018 - 08.05.2011

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timn podcast
timn podcast

Have you ever seen an old Daguerrotype of your great-grandparents and regular-grandparents hanging out in the living room staring at a beautiful olden-times refrigerator-sized radio?  The radio is glowing softly with vacuum tubes and the fireside demeanor of an ancient This is my next President and all is well in the universe in the photo.  OK, so here's the deal: you have to find one of those radios, have children if you haven't already procreated, and then recreate that picture but instead of FDR in the radio you have J,P,N via your 1/8" -> vacuum tubes cable or regular Airplay / DLNA-capable olden-time radio.  Send negatives of the photo to This is the Verge Of My Next Office, The Big City, USA, 12345, and we'll pick a winner.  That's the deal.

Song: Paint it Black