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    TouchPad Go, HP's 7-inch webOS tablet, hits FCC

    TouchPad Go, HP's 7-inch webOS tablet, hits FCC

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    Word's going around today that the TouchPad 4G hit the FCC -- you know, the 10-inch TouchPad running webOS. Here's the thing, though: it's not the TouchPad 4G that got FCC approval today. Labels in one of the documents clearly call it out as the "TouchPad Go," which is one of HP's recent trademark filings likely reserved for the upcoming 7-inch model codenamed "Opal." And here's the real smoking gun: webOSroundup forum member twbbas smartly extrapolated the size and position of the label on the back of the device in the FCC filing and deduced that we're definitely looking at a 7-inch device here. Looks like it'll be available in four versions: 16 and 32GB with and without HSPA+ and at least one pegged for AT&T, not unlike the 10-inch model... but hopefully without the variation in processor speeds. Who's excited?

    Sources: FCC, webOSroundup; via Engadget

    [Thanks, Jesse M.]