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Samsung Galaxy S II US release date to be revealed on August 29th

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The Samsung Galaxy S II is almost ready to make its long-anticipated debut in the United States. Our inbox has just been graced by an invite from Samsung to an event on August 29th, where a major product announcement shall be made. The particular appearance, monikers, and launch dates for each carrier variant of the GS II are likely to be revealed there -- the not-so-subtle "II" at the bottom of the invitation tells us as much. Needless to say, we won't be turning Samsung down on its kind offer and you can expect to learn all about this Gingerbread smartphone's arrival in the US right here, just two and a half weeks from now.

The rumored names for the big four American carriers are the AT&T Attain, Sprint Within, T-Mobile Hercules, and Verizon Function. Form factors may or may not vary from the successful Galaxy S II formula already available across Europe and Asia. Only one way to know for sure, right?